Friday, September 19, 2008

The Stone Forest

Lilly loves to listen to her music. One of her favorites is "The Wheels on the Bus" We have been teaching Ellie this song and now she turns her arms over to do the motions for the song. She catches on to things very quickly!

Fulton decided to bring his book today for the long trip in the van. He loves to read and kept telling us the amazing animal facts he was reading about. He had a great day and has been super on the trip so far. We had a little issue this morning when he wouldn't wear his only pair of clean socks. He said they were new and would not "feel right". So, he dug in the dirty clothes bag and found dirty socks that would "feel right" then David put the clean socks in the laundry bag. Fulton said "why". David said "Well if they don't feel good new, let's have them washed so they will "feel right"! Too funny!

A beautiful field of cosmos at the entrance to the Stone Forest. It was so pretty. Shelby and Katie, these looked exactly like our cosmos in the backyard- only there were LOTS more!

Now you can see what happens when Ellie is not in my arms. She was very upset and would not calm down until I picked her back up. So much for a cute photo!

Here are our friends and fellow travel companions, Diana and her daughter Lily. Our Lilly wanted to walk with them for a while today. Little Lily didn't want big Lilly holding her mom's hand though. She would take our Lilly's hand out of her mom's hand. She was very protective of her new mommy, and it was so cute.

Again today Ellie only wanted to be held by Mom. We finally realized today that this only happens when we are out in public places. She is inconsolable and is only comforted if Mom holds her. In the hotel room, she is fine without me and lets David and Fulton hold her. She obviously feels insecure out in public places and finds her security in my arms. Maybe she is afraid of being left. I'm sure this will get better over time!

Lilly and Fulton posing by another stone. The bear/leash thing has worked great with Lilly.

Here is a picture of our wonderful guide Doris and Lilly. Doris has been so good in helping us when 4 adult hands just aren't enough. Doris has one son, but she said she adores Lilly because she really wants a little girl of her own. Lilly says "Doris" in such a cute way, and it just tickles Doris to hear it.

Fulton loved the Stone Forest and had a great time climbing on some of the smaller rocks.

Lilly and Ellie had fun sitting back to back on my lap. They did good on another long and hot day of travel in the unairconditioned van. The smog was terrible and the odors were equally terrible, but you have to have the windows down in order to survive. This really makes us appreciate the EPA in America!

The girls being silly after another long day in the van. The resting didn't last long!


Sharon said...

Jan, I'm so glad that Ellie knows that mommy is her "safe place". I'm sure it makes your arms ache but your heart must be smiling!

Lilly just looks so cute in all of the pictures!

Hope you are going to be able to keep your original CA.

Love the pictures!


P.S. Tell Fulton that Keith is the same way about new socks. He just doesn't like them at all. ;)

Rebecca and Danny said...

I loved the pictures and am thankful you are able to see things this time around! Fulton has grown up to be a super big brother to Lilly and Ellie!!
love, Rebecca