Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Signs of Christmas . . .

Katie enjoyed dressing our little Wuzzy in his reindeer ears.  One day soon I hope to update  about Wuzzy and how he came to be ours.

A Christmas or two ago, the oldest 4 children received "Make a Plates" for Christmas.  Last Friday during our last homeschool day, we finally took the time to decorate the paper circles which we will mail in and then in a few weeks, the children will receive a Christmas plate of their very own design.  They all had fun and their art work was well- done and creative!

Fulton at his Christmas recital last Saturday.  He and Shelby both played very well although at least one of them was extremely nervous!

Ethan taking his turn to make shaped sugar cookies. 

This was not staged!!  I thought it was precious of our 3 littles watching their cookies bake so I quickly grabbed the camera.  Thankfully, I made it just in time to capture their cuteness before one of them looked my way.

My favorite sign of Christmas - my Savior as a babe in a manager.  I purchased this nativity set with my grandmother during the first Christmas season that I was married.  I have always loved it!

Many years ago when I had only one child, I began to collect children's Christmas books.  We have quite the collection now.  These books stay in the attic during the year and only come out during December.  They are certainly treasured by all of us.  Fulton has been carrying stacks to his bedroom every night to read them.