Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random thoughts and pictures

There is not too much to report on the ramblings of the Bryant bunch. We are busy with homeschooling and music lessons, cub scouts, and church activities. We did enjoy another great weekend up in Locust with Lainie and her family. I'll post pictures next time from our trip there.(Lainie was adopted at the same time as Lilly from the same orphanage, and our families have become great friends.) We were hoping to meet the Hortons who also adopted a little girl from Lilly's orphanage but they had the stomach bug at their house that weekend- bummer! We will try again soon.

I would like to congratulate my friend Kim on the referral of her precious daughter, Cate, from Anhui, China. We are so excited for you! Cate is precious, and we can not wait to meet her!

We plan on sprucing up our blog in the near future so check back soon. Enjoy the photos!

Here is my dear grandmother surrounded by her great- grandchildren on Christmas morning. This was her first Christmas in 50 years without my grandfather. Please keep her in your prayers.

This was Lilly on Christmas morning- her very first Christmas with our family. I remember last Christmas thinking of her and thinking that next year she would be with us. Christmas was bittersweet of course because of Granddaddy's death on Dec. 5. We were so grateful to have Lilly home but so sad not to have our GG with us to celebrate the birth of our saviour. He spent his first Christmas in heaven, and I know it had to be magnificent!

Another birthday and this time it was our Christmas Eve baby, Shelby. Shelby turned 11. Wow- that's hard to believe! Shelby is such a special girl, and we are so proud of her.

2 little helpers in the kitchen. Our Christmas baking was less than normal due to having just lost my grandfather. It was always a tradition to bake at Granny and GG's house. GG was our dishwasher and a mighty good one too. He never complained at the multitude of dishes that we messed up! I have such fond memories of sharing that time with my grandparents, and I am so thankful that my children also got to make those memories - for a little while at least.

We enjoyed a fun evening at the zoo for their annual Christmas lights. Everyone had a blast and then we went out for pizza. We weren't sure how this outing was going to turn out with our lively little Bryant bunch, but they all were great.

Here Lilly and her friend Kate are peering out the doors at church. We were waiting for the children's Christmas program to begin. 2 little cuties for sure!

Our first Cub scout! We are so proud of Fulton who is showing off his first badge- the Bobcat.

This is Ethan's absolute favorite thing to do at Granny's house. He rides around and around on her patio. Love that silly face Ethan!

Wow! Doesn't Lilly look like a big girl here on her tricycle? She can't actually pedal but she sure loves to try.

Katie and Lilly enjoying the beaters! I remember doing this when I was a little girl. Katie is such a wonderful daughter and a great big sister to Lilly. Lilly is learning to say Katie, but for now says "KK"- too cute.