Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months Already?

Has it truly been 3 months since I met a sickly, frail, and scared little girl named Lei Qing Quan in a Civil Affairs building in Changsha?  In some ways it seems as if she has always been here, and then in others it seems like we were just meeting in that cold, drafty room only yesterday.

We have each grown so much over these last 3 months - she has grown more trusting and more in love with her family.  While I have certainly grown closer to my new daughter, I am most grateful for the ways in which I have grown closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have fallen more in love with her yet also, and more importantly, with Him.  I have pondered His love and provision for this child and me - both His children.  I have marveled at His miraculous healing of my daughter's heart and the way He planted her right here in my family and how He has allowed her to blossom right before my very eyes.  I thank Him often for calling us to this dear child and for giving us the courage to say "Yes, Lord."  I thank Him for His sovereign plan in building our family through adoption again and for giving David and me peace to accept it - knowing many others would not support our answering yet another call to adopt one of "the least of these" - even if they believe in the Source of that call.  Over these last 3 months, I have reflected on how He  has provided for our family during this adoption and heart surgery - in big and small ways. And I am humbled.

 I thank Him for doing more with my life than I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, or prayed for.  I pray that my life and my love for the orphan will bring glory to Him and lead others to seek Him in their lives. I love you, sweet Jesus, and thank you for loving me. I am grateful for the love that you, and you alone, have placed in my heart for the orphan.  It is that love that led us to this child.

This child of beauty - both inside and out

This child who melts my heart

This child who is so thoughful and caring

This child who has so much joy and zest for life - a life she has waited on for a long time

This child who is so eager to learn

This child who is so excited to hear - or read - the name "Jesus" and who reminds me to pray - especially for Mei Mei and Didi

This child who loves hair bows - big ones too

This child who loves her family - especially her mama

This child with such a lovely smile - who can also pout & whine 
(she is a child and a sinner - lest I forget!)

This child who has reminded me of God's love, mercy, and grace


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introducing. . .

Two precious children who need loving families to say a simple word. . ."Yes"

Yes, I will be the Lord's vessel to bring you hope.
Yes, I will love you always.
Yes, I will get the medical care for you that you have waited far too long for.
Yes, I will be your family - forever.
Yes, little one, I am on my way to bring you home.

Mei Mei, as Leiney Grace calls her is now "Maria" and Di Di is now "Ricky" on BAAS's individual list.  From what I know, "Maria"and "Ricky" have been on the shared list for quite some time - perhaps even a year or more.  Xiaoqing with BAAS contacted the international adoption orphanage who did Leiney Grace's adoption papers to inquire about these 2 children.  After finding out they were already on the shared list, Xiaoqing requested their files and will have them for 3 months. 

"Maria" is 8 years old and has lived in the orphanage with Leiney Grace since she was 2 years old.  She had a benign tumor in her lumbosacral area and deformed feet upon admission.  She was given surgery in 2006 to remove the sacral meningocele and repair her tethered cord - based on this information- I am assuming she has spina bifida although her file does not state that.  According to her growth report in her file and according to our Leiney Grace, "Maria" is a smart little girl and is developmentally on target except for gross motor due to her feet.  Her deformed feet have never been treated.  From what I have read in her file and asked Leiney Grace, I believe she is continent, but I am asking Xiaoqing to check on this. "She is expressive and a sensible, strong, and brave child. She has difficulty walking in shoes because of deformed feet so sometimes she only wears socks.  Especially in winter, she has chillblain (blisters?) on feet which may break, but she still insists on walking alone.  All caretakers are moved by this."  Leiney Grace says that she and Mei Mei went to school and that Mei Mei reads every day.  She also says that Mei Mei played the violin with her.  The two of them slept together and apparently were very close yet when Leiney Grace left the orphanage to come meet her mama, Mei Mei did not cry and told her to "Go to Mama and Baba"  Oh, how I want this child to know the love of a family and most importantly the love of Jesus and the hope He brings.

"Ricky" just turned 7 in March.  He has been in the orphanage since he was a newborn.  He is postoperative for polydactyly of hands and feet (extra fingers, toes) and is listed as having cleft lip, palate, deformity of tongue, and cleft vermilion tubercle.  I do not see a cleft lip in his photos.  He does have a deformity of his tonuge and mouth.  He can speak but Leiney Grace says his tongue is a circle - not so sure about that.  He will likely need surgery and speech therapy though.  He is described as "a very diligent child, takes an initiative to clean the room, clever and gentle." 

Honestly these two children have a lot stacked against them.  They have been on the shared list a long time and after 3 months on the list, the odds of a child being adopted goes way down.  Di Di is a boy which is a huge strike against him because most adoptive families want girls.  They are both older children which is another huge strike - most people want babies or toddlers.  Then you add in their multiple medical needs and the bottom line is - these kids need a miracle.  Please pray for just that!

I have more pictures and more information so please spread the word to everyone you know and feel free to contact me if you or a friend has questions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Jian Cheng

This post is for Monique from the Netherlands.  It was great to read the comment from you.  I just asked Leiney Grace if the little boy in these pictures is named Jian Cheng, and she said yes!  Please email me as I would love to find out more about how you know this little boy from Leiyang SWI: Jan at
If anyone else out there in cyber world knows anything about Leiyang SWI or these children, please email me as well!  Thanks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Birthday for Our Princess

HAPPY 9th Birthday to our newest little princess, Leiney Grace!
We always have a special breakfast on birthdays - wasn't quite sure what that would be for Leiney Grace! Breakfast has been the most difficult meal for her as she adjusts to our American diet.  This birthday breakfast consisted of dumplings and oranges - just for Leiney Grace - no other takers on the dumplings!    

Leiney Grace had a big surprise when we met the H family at the zoo today! Amy and her 5 kiddos helped us to celebrate Leiney Grace's birthday.  We finished up our time together with a picnic and cupcakes!  It was such a wonderful reunion.

 Our 1st birthday with Leiney Grace happened to be her 9th birthday.  It saddens me to think of all the special times we have missed in her life.   Today, I put that thought out of my head, and we attempted to give our special princess a spectacular day - I think we succeeded!