Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Honor of Cailey

"Almost Forgotten"

Found at 2 years
Left by a gate - alone and afraid.
Almost forgotten.

 Orphanage life - 4 years too long
Spina Bifida, deformed feet yet trying to walk.
Almost forgotten.

A glimmer of hope
Pictures taken, a file ready, a family - maybe?
Almost forgotten.                                                                               


Two more years come and go
Parents arrive and her friends go away.
Almost forgotten.


An update prepared, new pictures taken
But another year passes - no family for her .
Almost forgotten.

Now 9 years old and lost among many
Her hope is fading
Forgotten - maybe?

Please help spread the word about this little girl who has waited far too long for a family of her own.  Cailey waits on the shared list.  Please email me if you might be her family

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hope For Another. . .

My friend through bloggy land, Connie and her amazing family, are setting off on their 6th adoption journey to China to adopt their 11th child!  I have followed Connie's blog since the beginning of our family's adoption journey back in 2006.  Connie is always encouraging her readers through sharing from her heart - even about difficult situations - and through sharing God's Word on her blog.  If you have never been to Connie's blog, take a look .
You'll be glad you did! 

And you might want to take a look like. . .now because Connie is having an adoption fundraiser to help them bring home their sweet girl.  She is giving away a Nikon D5100.  Now I could really use one of those to take fabulous pics of all of my kiddos!  You better hurry, the give-away ends in only a few days.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

147 milllion orphans - 3

Sweet Ainsley is no longer on my sidebar because she has a family!  Praise God for 1 less orphan.

Mei Mei and Di Di are still in Leiyang SWI, but they have a family working hard to bring them home.  If you are new to our family's blog, these 2 were Leiney Grace's best friends - her sister and brother - her family before she came to us.  They are currently about $800 short of having their homestudy paid for.  Please consider donating.  It will cost an estimated $45,000 to adopt these 2 precious little ones.  There is a link on my sidebar where you can donate to their adoption.  Your donation will be tax- deductible.   Also, their parents-to-be are selling their camper in an effort to raise funds.  Here is a link to their blog where you can find more information about the camper as well as their other fundraisers!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dedicated to my dear friend Amy who has recently shared with me - via a few lengthy phone conversations along with innumerable interuptions by one or more of our 13 children - the blessings of a large family as well as the extra work that inevitably comes with the blessings!  Constantly being in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, repeat, cooking, cleaning, repeat - over and over and over again - is just one example. 

Hats off (and happy cooking) to my fellow M.O.M.s
(Mother of Many)!