Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LOA misplaced at CCAA

After learning that my dear friend Kim who received her LOA on 8/11 got TA today (YEAH!), I knew for a fact that something was wrong with our case so I called our agency. I was told that they just found out this morning that our LOA had been "misplaced" at the CCAA. It has been on the wrong desk. The story goes that the LOA is now in the right place and should be processed soon.

I am struggling to understand but just realized as I am typing that we do not always understand God's plan, yet we still have to trust and cling to Him. I started reading the book of Job yesterday because I feel as though I really am being tested by Satan. Yes, I trust God when all is well in my life, but have I truly been trusting Him during this most difficult adoption journey? Probably not. Have I asked "why"? You bet! Have I felt forgotten and forsaken by my God? Yes. Have I been angry at God for allowing our adoption journey to be plagued with setbacks while I have watched other families breeze through? Yes, probably so. However, through all of this, I do know beyond any doubt that I am a daughter of the King and that He loves me. I do know that His plan is perfect although it can be mighty painful along the way. I do know that if it weren't for valleys like these, I would not cling to Him so tightly. I do know that there is a mountain after this valley.

Praying for His peace to surround me and for Him to sustain me through it all!


Kim said...

You are on my heart and in my prayers. First, I am so happy that the problem was recognized before any more time passed by, and second I pray for a quick TA now. You are a very close friend to me and I hurt for you. Your TA will be here soon and we will have our daughters in our arms before we know it.

Danny and Rebecca said...

I have thought alot lately about the timing of getting Ellie especially with your grandmama's health right now. Am praying for you in all you have on you.
love, Rebecca

eastandwest said...

(((HUGS))) to you Jan! I'm hurting for you. Praying this is all fixed and that you have your TA very soon!

Cyndi said...

I am so glad that you found out what the hold up is. And you know I could stand to read Job to. Big hug your way. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Jan..what else can go wrong?! Bless your heart. I am sending you lots of hugs and prayers across the miles!


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Jan and family - you are in our prayers. So glad to hear that your LOA is NOW in the right place. God knew where it was all along and as you've stated, his ways are perfect. May his strength be perfect in your weakness. Can't wait to hear the good news of TA!