Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Been 16 Years!

Yes, my high school sweetheart and I were married 16 years ago today.  I can remember that day so vividly in my mind.  The wedding ceremony and reception were all I had ever dreamed they would be, but more importantly than the festivities of that day, these last 16 years have been so much more than I could have ever envisioned.  I never would have imagined the spiritual growth that we have both experienced or the abundant blessings that God has lavished on us - not  finanacial ones (we could use some of those blessings after 3 adoptions : ) - but the love we share between the 2 of us,  the supersized family He has created for us, the trials we have been through where we have seen the hand of God so clearly.   This journey that  He has led us on together these last 16 years has been far richer than I ever thought possible.  Today I thank God for a wonderful, loving husband who seeks to know the Lord more and more each day and who leads our family to know and love Him more deeply too.  Prince Charming will be arriving soon to steal me away from the 7 who consume most of my time so that I can spend a few hours focused only on him!  Can't wait!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Rest of the 4th

There was so much fun to be had that even Lilly who is usually in constant motion had to take a break.  Here she is warming up in the sun after coming out of the pool with chattering teeth!

We spent the Fourth of July at my sister Michelle's house which just happens to be on a lake and have a pool - not fair I know!  As I said in the last post, the other children did venture out a bit more than Hudson who was most content either eating his chips or sitting on the edge of the pool playing with cups.  Shelby, Katie, and Fulton enjoyed kayaking - a first for all 3 of them.  They even got me to give it a try, and I actually loved it also!  Ethan, Lilly, and Ellie had the most fun in the pool which is where they spent the majority of their time.  They did take a few spins on our jet ski, and Ethan also rode in Uncle Trip's boat.  In between eating, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, and boating,  Katie and Shelby did find a few spare minutes to hold their newest little cousin, baby Dargan.  Needless to say, we all had a blast at Aunt Michelle and Uncle Nick's house.  And we tried to be on our very best behavior in hopes of being invited back : ) 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hudson's Way of Eating Chips

Reach in slowly and grab at least one

Study it carefully

Show it off

Put it in your mouth before they decide to take it for themselves

Push it in to make sure it doesn't fall out

Study the next one in detail

Chew slowly to enjoy each and every morsel

                                                   Think it over and then savor the last bite

                                 Then repeat the above as you surely can't eat just one or two or three!

Hudson really enjoyed his chips on July 4th.  Check back later to see what his siblings enjoyed - needless to say they ventured out a bit more than Hudson and were a tad more adventurous!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July. . .

from our newest little American citizen!
(Look who snuck in on our photo shoot!  These 2 had the best time after the photo shoot running around with their American flags.  It was the most that they have played together so far and it was precious!)