Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spotlight: The Little Girls

Lilly and Ellie started "real" preschool for the first time this year.  Although they certainly learned a great deal last year at homeschool preschool, they are enjoying meeting new friends, doing many more crafts than this weary mother of 7 ever thought of doing, going to music class, and plenty of other new and exciting experiences.

 Our family took advantage of "free night" af Edventure, a children's museum,  a few weeks ago.  This was another "first" for Lilly and Ellie.  Because it was "free night", it was extremely crowded, but we had a great evening together as a family.  Lilly and Ellie most enjoyed the kid-sized grocery store.  They were able to go through the store twice making their "purchases" and had the BEST time!  

We just returned from our annual week of sand and sun at a nearby beach.  Lilly and Ellie loved every minute of it although Lilly did ask several times when she could go back to school.   Our "lively Lilly"  made quite a splash in the ocean and tried to keep up with the big kids as they rode the waves on their boogey boards.  Our Ellie, who is much more reserved, carried her boogey board around, put her ankles in the water, but she never quite made it in far enough to actually "catch a wave." 

These two are so different in may ways - Lilly is outgoing, a social butterfly, high energy, never staying still for long, and more demanding and bossy yet a bundle of joy all wrapped in one.  Ellie, on the other hand, is very content to sit and look at books for long stretches of time, is often in her own little world and enjoys talking to herself.   Ellie is just. a. lot. calmer.  Ellie is more of a peacemaker yet can whine and pout better than most. 

Different they may be, they are the best of friends  - most of the time.  Sure, they are sisters, and they do have their share of squabbles.  Overall though, they truly are the best of friends.  And I am so thankful for that!

I recently had the girls together at their cardiologist check-up.  Lilly was her active, "lively" self while Ellie preferred being in my lap and was very quiet and reserved.  The doctor commented that Lilly  must "drive her sister crazy".  That simply is not the case.  They compliment one another very well.   By the way, both girls received an excellent check-up including EKGs and ECHO (for Lilly who has minor valve leakage secondary to her surgery).  For the first time since 2007, we will not have to see a cardiologist for 2 years! WOO HOO!