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Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Have a Published Author in the House!



Fast, Fresh

Running, Driving, Racing

Alpha, Stamina, Sweat, Omega

Coming, Tiring, Cramping

Slow, Breathless




A Truly Spectacular Place


In immensely dark caves,

Over lightly shaded gray clouds,

With amazing spooky waters in the background,

Winter cools the earth


From highly held cliffs,

Beneath steeply carved peaks,

Around undiscovered corners

I hear the mountains calling me.
Yes, our Fulton is now a published author.  I have known for a while that he had a special gift in this area.  During our homeschool years, I was amazed at his use of symbolism and abstract thinking in his writing.  A talent he did not get from me!  His 6th grade English teacher has really praised and encouraged Fulton in this area.  After writing the above 2 poems, she sent them to her sister who has an online site for gifted student authors.
David and I are so proud!