Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Day in Kunming

After a long day going to the zoo, the silk factory, the jade factory and having lunch in between, the children finally got to let out some energy by playing in the pack-n-play. All 3 had a blast!

At the jade factory we purchased a dog pendant for Ellie because she was born in the year of the dog according to the Chinese calendar.

Having lunch at a great authentic Chinese restaurant. The children loved the noodles. Fulton and Lilly practiced using chopsticks and did pretty good! Ellie is learning to sign for "more" and tries to say the word too which is really good since her palate is still unrepaired.

Ellie fast asleep and sweating profusley during our long day of travel in an unairconditioned van.

At the zoo: Fulton was asked by this boy's mother to have his picture made w/ her son. The little boy kept running back to his mom so David finally took the picture of the boy , his mom, and Fulton.

Fulton enjoyed climbing on the rocks and Lilly tried to keep up w/ him most of the time.

It was a nice morning at the zoo and the weather was very pleasant during our morning there.

Ellie had a rough day as she only wanted mom to carry her and cried loudly if David held her. We made it through and by the end of the day she was doing better. David gave her and Lilly a bath tonight and dressed Ellie so hopefully she will quickly attach to him more.

Lilly and Fulton had fun on this ride at the zoo. They had to catch balls in a net and dump them in a basket.

It's the year of the mouse so here at the entrance of the zoo are mice!
Overall it was a good day. Tomorrow we are heading to the biggest tourist attraction in the area- Stone Forest.
Sharon, the t-shirts fit great and many Chinese commented on Fulton's shirt.
We miss everybody at home and thank you for your prayers!


Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

The girls are too cute in their matching outfits ! My favorite is the picture of Ellie sleeping so peacefully in MAMA's arms!!!!! Praying for you daily..... Any news on being able to travel in time for your original CA ?

Cousin Sheri said...

Love the pic of Ellie sleeping in your arms, sweat and all!
We hate we missed your call-umm, we were taking turns driving down the driveway after going to Piggly Wiggly for some corn for supper tonite.
Miss ya and love ya. Check email when you get up...

Sharon said...

Jan, they look adorable in their shirts. I'm so glad they fit. Fulton looks so always! :)

Unairconditioned van? Oh my...been there, done that. I know it wasn't fun!

Looks like things are going along smoothly. We just can not wait to mee Ellie! I've almost called you a couple of times already since you have been gone! LOL

Miss y'all!!!!


Cousin Sheri said...

Hi Mom,Dad,Fulton,Lilly,and Ellie, I HATE that I missed your call!I miss and love ya'll!I love the pictures!!!!!Tell everyone that I said hey!See you soon!Love, Shelby

Mary Beth said...

Great pictures. We're glad that all is going well. We're looking forward to Katie and Ethan spending the weekend with us.
We love you guys and we'll keep praying for you.
Love, Mary Beth & Family

Kendall Salley said...

The girls are precious. Fulton looks like he is having a blast as well. I am glad to hear that y'all are doing well. Ellie's birthday is on saturday, yippee, y'all know how much i LOVE birthdays. I miss y'all so much. Love you all. I cannot wait to talk with you when y'all get back. Love you

Cousin Sheri said...

Hey Mom, Dad, Fulton, Lilly, and Ellie How are yall?I hope yall are doing well.I miss yall alot and i love yall.Sorry we missed your call.Sheri was letting us drive the car up the driveway.It was really fun.Is Ellie sucking her sippy cup better?I hope so.I can not wait until yall come home.Mrs.Kim left for China today.Have a great day.P.S.I am praying for yall.KATIE

Cyndi said...

Looks like Ellie is fitting right in with her forever family!!! I love the shirts to glad things are going well for you guys we are praying for all of you and PRAISING God for all he has done to get Ellie to you guys.

Danny and Rebecca said...

What fun to see all of you and it is great to see the SMILES!! We are praying and we love you,