Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Chenzhou Reunion and a Birthday

We had such a wonderful time at Sarah Mei's family's farm. Thank you H. family for having us all! Here are all the siblings with Lilly, Lainie, and Sarah Mei. Adoption is so beautiful. To think that less than a year ago, these girls were orphans, the forgotten members of this world. Yet today, they are surrounded by loving families who cherish them. Now that is truly precious!

Lainie and Lilly having fun on the tricycle out in the barn. What cutie pies!

It didn't take long to figure out that Lilly and Sarah Mei are the "wild girls". Here they are zooming through the kitchen while Lainie, in the background, is content to stand with her mom.

Lainie, Lilly, and Sarah Mei reunited again. Aren't they precious? We sure think so!! All 3 girls were on the same Special Needs list with CWA back in December of 2006. They all had heart defects and lived together in the Chenzhou City Children's Welfare Institute in Hunan, China until the day they met their "forever families". Lilly is the oldest of the three. She turned 2 in October. Sarah Mei was 2 in January and Lainie is the baby of the group as she turned 2 in February. As you can see, they are all doing well now.

Fulton was celebrating his 7th birthday with his family. He had a great time and received lots of cool gifts. I must tell you the story of this cake. I tried and tried to make white icing red and forgot how difficult that is. That's why the icing is hot pink. Fulton was very kind and said that he was really glad that it was a family party and not a friend party. He said he would have been embarrassed had his friends seen his pink cake! Can't say I blame him!!! Things get worse. . .

I put the cake in the oven instead of covering it to preserve all the icing, but I forgot it was in there. I turned the oven on to have it ready to keep the pizzas warm. Well, needless to say, I didn't remember that the cake was in the oven until I opened the oven to put the pizzas in. Thus we had a "twice-baked cookie cake". That explains the flattened look of the baseballs! What a good laugh! And most importantly, it still tasted very yummy!

Fulton is thanking future-Uncle Nick and his Aunt Michelle for his present. Michelle and Nick got engaged a few months ago and are to be married next April. Michelle is my sister, and we are so happy for the two of them.

Ethan's slam-dunking already!!! Well, not really! Ethan's future Uncle Nick had the great idea of holding Ethan up and doing some "trick photography" so you couldn't tell. Ethan had fun!

Monday, April 14, 2008

As we wait for Ellie!

As we wait for Ellie, we have been very busy! Here is a glimpse of some of the fun we have all had over the last several weeks! Missing are pictures of David and the boys fishing- forgot to take the camera-oops! Also missing are pictures from baseball games. We have been out at the field quite a bit, but again we have forgotten the camera! We' ll do better, and yes, we have plenty of games left to capture Fulton doing his thing!

My dear friend Cyndi invited us to go along with her to the Casting Crowns concert. Cyndi rode with another friend so I don't have a picture of her. Here are my good friends Sharon and Kim.
It was a wonderful evening and and a very moving time of worship for me. Thank you, Cyndi!

Getting a hug from Katie before going to the concert.

David playing his role as the "strong" father! Here he is man-handeling Lilly and Ethan as we were attempting to get everybody in position for a picture with friends of ours who were visiting. They have 4 children so it was quite the task!

Lilly had quite a good time playing in a puddle on our patio. It was just the 2 of us at home, and it was so fun watching her delight in a simple puddle of water.

Have I ever mentioned that Lilly loves to climb? Well she does. Here she is taking a rest on Mimi's coffee table. Notice the Easter candy she is waiting ever so patiently for some sweet soul to open for her.

Shelby and Katie opened up "S & K Nail Salon" on a recent Friday night. I received a pedicure and manicure as well as a massage. I was treated marvelously I might add. When I was finished, little Miss Lilly had to be pampered as well!

Just minding her own business as her cute little footsies soak! Like they needed it! Feet don't get much cuter than her little size 4s!

Lilly really enjoyed soaking her feet in the tub. "This is the life, Mommy!" Too bad Ellie was not here to join in on the fun!

Now Lilly is all the way in the foot tub! Can you tell she had a blast at her first "nail salon"?