Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Gotcha Day Pictures

Here are some more pictures from yesterday as well as well as one from this morning. Last night we had our best night of rest yet. All three children slept all through the night. Ellie cried out once or twice and after patting her on her back, she went back to sleep. She is doing well. She makes good eye contact with us, reaches for mom more than dad right now, but she will let either of us hold her. She loves the beach ball and the stacking cups. She adores Fulton and goes to him and grabs hold of his shirt or hand like "come play with me!" She also has done that w/ David. She likes their silly play. She and Lilly are doing well together. Lilly is sharing her mommy well although she has said "my mommy" a few times. Ellie is eating well, but she can not really suck so I'm still figuring out how to best get fluids in her. Since her lip was repaired only 6 weeks ago, she probably doesn't know how to use her lip if that makes sense. She also may not have much muscle strength there yet.
We do need prayer for a certain problem: The Civil Affairs Office here handles getting the adopted child's Chinese passport. Our agency thought we could get it on Monday and then get to Guangzhou for our Consulate appointment which is Tuesday. Now the Civil Afairs Office is saying we can't get the passport until Tuesday which would mean we have to reschedule the Consulate Appointment. It seems to be a bit of a scam b/c certain families or agencies can get their children's passports early if they used a certain Chinese Travel Agency to book their hotels, etc. Our agency is working on all this and has been in touch w/ the US Consulate. We are praying that we can still leave on Friday so please pray with us.
Shlby, Katie, and Ethan: We miss you all very much! We are ready to come home.


Cousin Sheri said...

Woohoo-I beat everybody to post!
Love the pics! Aunt Lulu says Ellie is too cute when she saw pics yesterday. Will pray for this 'snag' to clear.
Give Fulton and Ellie a big hug from me and Wags, Lucky, Blackie, Maggie, Tommy, Charlie, Callie, and all the chicks.

Sharon said...

Good morning! :)

Jan, Ellie looks like such a happy girl! God is so good! Glad to hear that you all got a good night's rest. Her lip looks like it is healing really well in the pictures.

See if Ellie can drink from a cup. Bailey did not do well with a sippy cup at all at first but she did with a regular cup. Made quite a mess many times but atleast I knew she was getting more fluids.

We will be praying that you can get that much needed passport so that you can head out to Guangzhou.

Love the pictures!

Cousin Sheri said...

Hi Mom, Dad, Fulton, Lilly,and Ellie Jean,I iove ya'll so much miss ya'll to!I love seeing ellie smile like that!I Can't what to tak to ya'll. Lilly,when you get back we will play together O.K.!Fulton,when you get back we will play outside and watch.T.V.Dad,we will go hunting and I'll help you clip the chickens wings.Mom, i'll help you with dinner and help watch two CUTE little girls (Lilly and Ellie Jean)!Ellie Jean Ying Ying,we will play inside outside Whatever you want to do!Love ya'll and miss ya!Love, Shelby

Rebecca and Danny said...

Love the pictures! And will be praying for the timing to work out.
love, rebecca

Cousin Sheri said...

Hey Mom, Dad, Fulton, Lilly, and Ellie, I miss yall so much and i love yall so much.How is Ellie?I hope she is doing well.Her hair is so long.I am praying for yall.The goodies have candy and other things.I wrapped Ellies birthday present.It is a doll i got from MCDONALDS.Fari is coming to see us Thursday.Have a good day.KATIE

Emily said...

Oh she is GORGEOUS! So glad to finally see her in your arms. It feels like just yesterday, I was following you guys' trip to Lilly! Hard to believe you are back in China getting Ellie! She is precious and looks soooo happy!

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

okay.... now I know how our friends felt when we were in China. I check your blog first thing in the morning, last thing at night and a trillion times during the day. Ellie looks so happy! I'm so glad you all got some good rest. Check your e-mail if you can, I sent a longer message there. Hugs and kisses from "Aunt Jen" to you all. We are praying all gets clear for your travel on Friday.

Elaine said...

Celebrating with you as you finally get to hold Ellie in your arms. She's beautiful. What a sweet smile. We'll pray that God will clear the way for your CA.

eastandwest said...

She is just a beauty. Congratulations!

I got to spend the day with your wonderfully sweet family today! I had no idea when we embarked on our journey this morning that my daughters would learn how to catch a chicken!

Your kids are just amazing! Grace attached to Shelby, Moli attached to Katie and it was just a fun day for all. Sheri and I even got to talk a little bit!

Praying you get to Guangzhou quickly. I was so stressed out by the time I got to GZ that I locked myself in the closet with a Dove bar and a Coke. That candy bar and Coke cost me seven US dollars and was the best money I ever spent!

You have such a beautiful family. Ellie is the perfect addition!

Beth and Ryan said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! My husband's parents met your family in the SC airport the day you were leaving and gave us your blog to follow. We have been home with our daughter for 6 months...what a true blessing to our family! I personally love to see all of the Gamecock attire in the blog...good support! Have a great trip and I hope that all "snags" work out in the end so that you can get home safely to your family!