Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Birthday and Halloween

It's Halloween! We had lots of fun. We started out visiting with grandparents which meant the kids' pumpkins were already full of candy. Then we went to our church's Fall Festival and had a great time. End result: Way Too Much Candy!
Oh, who do we have here? Obi Wan Kanobi (spelled wrong I'm sure, but I have learned how to pronounce it. Some guy from Star Wars is all I know!), 2 Chinese Princesses, Hannah Montanna, and Spiderman! What a crew!

Oh, it's Spiderman and a Chinese Princess (AKA Ethan and Lilly) So cute!!!

It's Halloween time. Since we homeschool, we have to have our own Halloween parties. This was a special treat I picked up at the store for my "students". It was so yummy!

October 21- Ethan's Birthday Party: Here Ethan and his best friend David are aiming the new gun Ethan received from his grandmother! They are "Double Trouble"!

Ethan turned 4 on October 22. He had a fun time at his Spiderman party.