Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ellie's Birthday!

We were so delighted with Ellie's birthday cake. Doris, our guide, helped me order it at a nearby bakery. It was beautiful and it tasted delicious as well! Ellie enjoyed eating it for sure.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the 2 candles. Our friend, Kathy, our travel companions, Diana, her sister Jana, and baby Lily, and our guide, Doris all helped Ellie celebrate. It was a nice birthday celebration for Ellie on the 21st floor of the hotel. There were beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Kunming.

Lilly had 102.4 fever at this point. We kept her very far from baby Lily and her mom. She did well and helped Ellie celebrate, but she wouldn't eat any cake. Definitely not feeling like our Lilly!

Ellie's favorite gift was probably the Disney cell phone that talks and plays music. Lilly gave it to her! She also received a very pretty pearl necklace from Doris. Diana, Jana, and baby Lily gave Ellie a panda bear. They were so very thoughtful because they also gave Lilly a panda bear and Fulton a basketball hoop for his bedroom door. We were so glad they could help us celebrate! Thanks friends! Other than Lilly still running fever, it was a great day! We were so thankful that God allowed us to be here with Ellie on her 2nd birthday!
Guess what else Ellie did today? She used the potty not once, not twice but three times. She watched Fulton use the bathroom and then I walked in. She was pulling at her pants so I helped get her on the potty. Sure enough she went! We clapped and made a BIG deal out of it! Then before bath, she was dry so David put her on the potty, and she was successful again! Then before bed, she used the potty again! Who knew she had been potty trained because she came to us in a diaper. Wow! Thanks Becky- you first brought this idea up ,and it seems you were right!

During the girls' nap time today, David and Fulton went back to the gym. This time David remembered to take pictures. Fulton is "the man"!

Since he can't get outside and run, jump, and play, David insisted that he run on the treadmill for 15 minutes! He did it! Yet he still came back to the room w/ lots of energy!

As we were eating at the Blue Bird Cafe across the street from our hotel, we heard sirens. Lilly kept saying "Fire Truck!" Then people started standing up and looking out at the hotel. David finally said, "I wonder if that smoke coming out of the top of our hotel is normal?" It was not! He ran back to get all of our paperwork for Ellie's adoption. We met him out front of the hotel. Kathy asked this fireman if we could have a picture made with him. He said "Yes, but quick!" He had a fire to put out on the roof of our hotel! Made for an interesting day!


We ate dinner with another adoptive family from Oregon that we met here . The restaurant had a playground in it and was called "Dico's" It was similar to our McDonalds. Pretty tasty and the children had fun on the playground.

Fulton and Solomon. He is the newly adopted son of the friends we met here at the hotel. He is 4 years old and was born without his fibulas. His new dad makes prosthetics and can't wait to help Solomon live an even better life. He and Fulton have had lots of fun playing together.

Ellie did not appear to know how to slide, but she learned quickly and had the best time. See the huge grin on her face!

Fulton liked this climbing wall and insisted that I take a picture. He has thoroughly enjoyed himself on this trip.

A wedding at our hotel. They were very kind and let us photograph them and then offerred us a treat from the "goody basket". There were cigarrettes and candy. Of course we all chose candy!


Hayley said...

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, Ellie!!!!!
Love, Hayley

Cousin Sheri said...

Happy B-day Ellie Jean! Your new big sisters can't wait to meet you next Friday.
I'm praying Lilly's fever goes down. Save her some cake.

Mary Beth said...

Hey everybody,
I miss you and I have had fun at Grace's house. Guess what? Ethan is riding his bike without the training wheels. The boys went fishing and us girls had a tea party.
Happy Birthday Ellie.
I love you and miss you,

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! It looks like you had a nice one! It looks like you all are having a nice time! We cannot do anything without our guide here and I hope we can venture out a little more in Hefei. I pray that Lilly's fever will be down today and she will be feeling more like herself! Please pray for me because I am very homesick. Very. Love, kim

Sharon said...

The girls and I sang "Happy Birthday, Ellie" today very loudly and I'm sure quite off-key while eating popsicles on our deck.

We are praying for Lilly and hoping that nasty fever will go away quickly.

Fulton, it looks like you are having such a great time! So glad you were able to make the trip.

Jan, let me know if there is anything I can do here at home for you.

All is well here.

Sharon :)

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Happy, happy birthday Ellie Bryant!!! Hope Lilly feels better soon. It sounds like she has the same bug that has been going through our house. 48 hours of fever and nothing else. Maybe she picked it up on the plane ? We are praying for a quick recovery !!