Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Last Day in Kunming

Lilly and Ellie hanging out around Green Lake. Lilly has said several times "My mommy!" Then I tell her "I am Ellie's mommy too". Her reply "Lilly's mommy first!" The "first" is really exaggerated! It is too funny.

Lilly wanted to ride, but she wanted Mom right beside her the whole time!

Fulton and Solomon riding the kiddy toys. David and Fulton also rode on bumper cars. Ellie cried as soon as the ride started moving.

Tonight we went for a walk around Green Lake with our friends Nathan, Rebecca, and Solomon. We had a fun and enjoyable evening. Ellie finally consented to sitting in the stroller although it took juice and cookies to get her there. Lilly enjoyed walking so it was a nice, relaxing evening unlike this afternoon at the Flower Market.

It is hard to get a good picture of Ellie. It's like she tries to avoid the camera. I sat outside the bathroom door and knew when she came around the corner and saw me , she would smile. It worked!

After our trip to the Flower Market, it was time for Kathy to leave. We really enjoyed our time with her and are so thankful for her coming all the way to Kunming to visit us and meet Ellie.

We passed by the hospital where Ellie recently had her cleft lip repaired. I saw Yunnan #1 People's Providential Hospital and yelled to the driver to please stop so we could get a picture.

Lilly and Ellie playing in the play area at the restaurant. We spent the morning at the flower market which was full of vendors selling beautiful cut flowers as well as dried flowers. There were also other vendors selling various items. We had a good morning and got some shopping done for our girls back home. Lilly and Ellie only wanted Mom. Kathy was with us and was a huge help!!! Ellie hated the stroller as did Lilly. I got very tired and did not get to do as much looking and shopping as I would have liked. The day got better after lunch and nap time though.

Little Lilly with Mom's sunglasses on at lunch. Due to her fever, she has had very little appetite which makes meals difficult because she is bored and doesn't want to eat. At this restaurant, there was a small play area and that helped to occupy her some.

Lilly and Ellie watching "Culture Cubs". This is a DVD with a panda bear who speaks Mandarin and a teddy bear who speaks English. There is singing, dancing, and lots of Chinese culture represented in the video. Lilly has always liked it and now Ellie does too!

The girls are really starting to connect. They share food with each other without being prompted and tonight at dinner, they started giggling as they were kicking each other's feet under the table.


Cousin Sheri said...

So glad to see Lilly and Ellie getting along. Don't forget to use that Snugli!
Tell Fulton I want to hear all about his trip when I next visit.

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

The girls are just too cute in their matching polka dots ! So glad to hear that all is well. It sounds like you are having a really great trip. We are envious and wish we were there too. Hope Lilly is feeling better quickly. I know that the Bryant kids at home must be reading all of these comments..... Hello Shelby, Katie and Ethan. I know you just can't wait to get your hands on your new little sister. I bet that you really miss Lilly too. Friday will be here before you know it. Hang in there! Little Ellie has no idea that there are even more people in this beautiful family who are gonna love her like crazy!!!

Kim said...

The girls are so cute in their matching clothes! You all look great! I am glad to see that Lilly is on the mend. I know that seeing Kathy was wonderful! We are going to th Forbidden City today and then thank goodness off to Hefei in the morning!I'm ready to get Cate! Love, Kim

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the great time last night; we enjoyed the rest of the cake this morning. Looking forward to seeing you in Guangzhou and we had the "chop" done this morning!

Mary Beth said...

We love these pictures. The girls are precious in their matching outfits. We thoroughly enjoyed having Katie and Ethan this weekend.
Happy Birthday Jan! I hope you have a great birthday.
Mary Beth

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Happy Birthday Jan !!!!

Danny and Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Jan!!! I could not get on a computer Sat and Sunday to write for Ellie's birthday. Great to see the pictures. The girls are darling in their outfits! How is Lilly?
love, Rebecca