Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Day in Rainy Guangzhou

Our 2 little girls gazing out our hotel window. We are on the 13th floor so there is a great view of Guangzhou from way up high!

Dressed in their red, white, and blue outfits! These are actually both hand-me-downs from friends. Thanks to Sharon for Lilly's outfit and thanks to Beth for Ellie's dress.

During Lilly's adoption trip, she was sick from day 3 of Gotcha Day until we got home and was hospitalized for most of our trip thus we saw and did very little. Our days and nights consisted of switching off with each other at the hospitals. We are really enjoying be able to see and do all the things we missed the first time around like eating at Lucy's. This is a tradition for many adopting families. The food was very good! I had cheese quesadillas, Fulton had chicken strips and fries, and David had a burger. The little girls had tasty fried rice with veggies.

Fulton wasn't feeling well this morning so Lilly and Ellie were checking to make sure he was ok. He has a low grade fever and a stufy nose. Lilly now has a runny nose. We'll likely all be good and sick with a cold by the time we get home so we can share it with Shelby, Katie, and Ethan. Hopefully not, but I can see it coming!

2 cutie pies watching a movie after breakfast. They are doing well together most of the time!

This was our Lilly last May during her hospitalization in Guangzhou. This is when we first met Nikki, the most amazing guide! She went above and beyond the call of her job to help us in any and every way she could. The above picture is how Nikki last saw Lilly- a very small, frail, and sick little 19 month old.

This is our Lilly today with Nikki! What a difference 16 months, heart surgery, and a loving family made in the life of this precious child. We have kept in touch with Nikki over the last 16 months and finally met up with her at breakfast on Tuesday morning. She is with another adopting family who is also staying at the Holiday Inn. We had told her when we would get in town. She recognized David and walked over to our table. Of course Lilly does not remember her, but Nikki certainly remembers Lilly and how very sick she was. She showed me the pictures of Lilly from the hospital that she still has in her cell phone. Nikki simply couldn't believe how much Lilly had grown and how healthy she was. She shared with us that after we left last year, she was really sad because she missed coming to the hospital to spend the days and evenings with us. We missed her too. She is a special person!

A picture from our trip in May 2007 when we adopted Lilly. Here was Nikki with Shelby and Katie.
Shelby, Katie, and Ethan- we miss you. Only 2 more days and we will be home! Big thank yous to Granny, Mimi, Gabby, and Bobby for helping to care for the 3 we left behind. Also, thanks to Sheri for covering the first week and to Marybeth and family, the Waters family, and Bethany for pitching in too. We are so thankful for all of you!!! Miss you all!


Sharon said...

Jan, the little outfit looks so cute on Lilly. I'm so glad she was able to wear it. Ellie is almost the exact same weight and height Bailey was when we received her last year. Love the picture of them looking out the window.

Ethan, we hope you are feeling better!

You will all be home SOON!!! Glad that you have been able to enjoy this trip and not have to visit hospitals. Praise God!


P.S. Brinley insists that she needs to take pictures of Cate and Ellie to school with her to show everyone her new friends. She said she needs a picture of Lilly too because she is her "friend too but not new".

Cousin Sheri said...

Boy, do I remember those dresses Lilly and Ellie Jean are wearing! Glad they fit.
Fulton, we have colds, too, so we know exactly how you feel.
Soon, very soon, your family will be reunited. Praise God for His blessings!

Mary Beth said...

We have so enjoyed checking your blog everyday for updates. It is really neat to see pictures of Lilly then and now. She has blossomed under your loving care as will Ellie. Sorry Lilly and Fulton have both been sick. We'll pray that all of you will be well for the return trip-only 2 more days. Praise the Lord! We can't wait to meet Ellie.
Love to you all,
The Myers family

Danny and Rebecca said...

Will pray that Fulton and Lilly get well and certainly not worse and that the rest of you stay healthy. Love to check to see new pictures everyday! Brightens my day!!
love, rebecca

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

There's no place like home..... I know that while you are enjoying your trip you are ready to get home and unite with the rest of your family. We are praying for safe and smooth travels ahead.

Hayley said...

Hey Bryants,
Looks like Ellie is adjusting well. I've talked to Katie and she's doing good. I'm sure you've talked to her. I know y'all are excited about coming home on Friday. I wish you guys a safe trip home. Can't wait to see Ellie.

Kim said...

Jan, I'm glad your trip has been a good one. Cate is doing great. She cried last night but then went to sleep. She cried and ran away when it was time for a bath so we skipped it. I'm unsure how to tackle that today. We leave for guanzhou tomorrow and I am so glad. I am so homesick. Have a safe trip home. With love, Kim

Sharon said...

Okay, it's time for all of you to come home! I miss talking to you, Jan. :)

Hoping Fulton is feeling better. Brinley has a yucky cough too so we are going to the ped today. Don't want her to be sick for the wedding this weekend!

Hugs and love to all of you!