Saturday, September 29, 2012

Helping Mama Kong Help Orphans in China

Please take a moment to check out Kim's latest post about how we can help Mama Kong as she cares for 30 special needs orphans in a rural, severely polluted, impoverished area of China.  It's a simple idea really.  And I can't wait to see how God uses a woman in SC with a heart for orphans, a pearl necklace, and  a blog to raise money for a selfless woman in China caring for 30 or more children with special needs!  Who ever said being a Christian is boring?  His miracles are fascinating, inspiring, and exciting!  Let's all be a part of this one: )  Go now:
And to see the documentary about Mama Kong go to You Tube and search for "Lost Children of the Coal".  You will be inspired!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Advocating for Max

Isn't Max adorable?  This little cutie has been waiting over a year for a family.  He is 4 years old and is diagnosed with hemophilia.  That sounds like a scary diagnosis, but he is doing very well in the orphanage and is in the Half the Sky Little Sister's preschool program.  Of course he does bruise easily and has to be careful when playing outside.  He is described as extroverted, outgoing and social.  Little Max is fond of listening to music and pretend playing.  Curious Max is also described as being one who can be impatient and stubborn at times - sounds like most little 4 year old boys!  Please spread the word about Max.  And email with any questions:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Way to Make a Difference

There is some seriously exciting stuff going on at my friend Kim's blog -
This is NOT an adoption fundraiser, but this IS about helping orphans.  Please take a look, pray, and then DO SOMETHING!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Advocating for Jason

Jason - waiting for a family since 2000
I was asked by Xiaoqing, the SN coordinator for BAAS, to advocate for her Journey of Hope children.  I have great respect for Xiaoqing as she helped us bring home both Hudson and Leiney Grace, and she found Mei Mei and Di Di on the shared list. She also willingly released them to another agency so they could be adopted together by our friends, the Queens. (BAAS does not allow the adoption of 2 unrelated children at the same time.)  Of course, I agreed to advocate for these mostly older children who are male, but I will admit that advocating takes its toll on me emotionally.  It is so hard for me to look at these sweet faces and read about these children yet know that in all likelihood, many of them will age out of the orphanage system in China and have very uncertain earthly futures as well as eternal ones.  My heart is truly burdened by the orphan crisis in our world.  God commands His church to care for orphans yet so many in the church (ie Christians) seem to view the orphan crisis as a distant problem and not one that is worthy of their attention or their dollars.  If every Christian family adopted 1 orphan, there would be No. More. Orphans. - well at least for a little while - then sadly, the cycle would continue.  Adoption is not the cure for the orphan crisis.  To solve it, we have to get to the core reasons of why children are orphaned in the first place and then work to resolve those issues.  But as long as there are orphans and there is breath in my body, I suppose I will be longing to bring another child home, and I will be here advocating! 
So let's talk about JASON!
Abandoned as an infant
Fostered at age 4 years
Has repaired cleft lip and repaired cleft palate
Is Hep B positive
Is doing well in school
Makes 90% or above on his scchool exams
Described as introverted, not talkative, and likes to do handiwork
Speaks more now than when younger
Speech is clearer now
Likes to take small toys apart and
then likes to put them back together.
This cute little boy needs a mama and a daddy.
I can just see he and his dad, tool boxes in tow, working on a project around the house.
Please spread the word - copy this post or parts of it  to your blog or post about Jason on Facebook, etc.  Jason only has 2 years left ,and then he will never have the chance to be adopted.  EVER!

Monday, September 10, 2012

And We're Off. . .

To School That Is!
Life might be a little simpler if all 8 kiddos were under 1 school roof.  Homeschool roof or traditional school roof.  No such luck. 
#1 Chinese Immersion Charter School
Ellie - an excited 5Ker!

Lilly - an eager 1st grader!

Leiney Grace - a super excited 2nd grader.  This is her first time attending a traditional school.  In China, due to to her orphanage's rural location, she  went to school in the upstairs room at her orphanage.  We have homeschooled since February - for bonding and to catch-up academically.  It was such a joy to watch her pick out her backpack and lunch box- more firsts with my precious 9 year old little girl.
Ethan - minimally excited 3rd grader.  School is not his favorite activity, but he did admit to having a little bit of excitement on Day 1 (wish it would have lasted!).

Nihao, school!
#2  Christian School
Katie - social butterfly who flits around in 8th grade.  "What's not to love about school?  It's where all my friends are!"

Fulton - very eager 6th grader who could not wait to flee from prison homeschool.

Katie adequately warned Fulton to act like he didn't know her when they were at school.  I was appalled.  Growing up, I always wanted a sibling close in age to share school life with.  Obviously Katie does not desire that!  We always want what we don't have - sad but oh, so true.
#3 Homeschool

Shelby - content (being in prison  homeschooled) and very studious 10th grader.  Shelby does attend a wonderful bi-weekly co-op for English II, Algebra II, and Chemistry.  Unfortunately, it's an hour away thus the need for a 3rd carpool - sigh!

Hudson - mostly happy, occasionally reluctant preschooler.
So my days are filled with juggling 3 carpools, homeschooling Hudson, teaching Spanish I to Shelby and minimally assisting her with other subjects, and coping with chaos in the afternoon when 5 of the above mentioned children want help with homework! Is it May yet?