Monday, September 22, 2008

In the Heat Wave of Guangzhou

After walking around Guangzhou this afternoon and evening, we all had to have a bath. It is SO hot and muggy here. Little Ellie loves the tub. She probably has never been in a real tub with lots of water. Most likely she was just sponged off. She certainly enjoys it now though. She and Lilly had a great time playing and splashing. By the way, Lilly is much better. I think she had a 48 hour virus which just caused fever. She never had any other symptoms and is back to normal except for her appetite which is not quite back to where it was. We are so thankful to our God above for healing her, getting us to Guangzhou safely, and for allowing our consulate appointment to be changed to Wednesday that will still allow us to travel home on Friday. This has been an awesome experience so far, and we are so very grateful that we are all healthy again and that Lilly did not have to visit a Chinese hospital this time around.

After a tasty dinner at Cow and Bridge, we decided we would try to make our stroller a double stroller. It worked! Boy was I glad because we were all SO tired, and we had a 15 minute walk ahead of us. On the way back to the hotel, Lilly and Ellie were hugging and kissing, and it just melted my heart. What a blessing they are to us and to each other- at least for right now anyway!

The other Lily really took to Fulton tonight and had to hold his hand as we walked around the island. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Fulton with us on this adoption trip. He has been so helpful and kind to the little girls including one who is not his sister.

David and Lilly fooling around w/ the camera as we waited for Ellie's exam. Lilly was sweating profusely as usual.

Ellie is still upset even after it was all over. She is still really attached to Mom. She wants to be held by me which is good. I did wear her in the Snugli today all around the airports and all the way to our medical exam. Have I said it is HOT here. Boy was I sweating and so was Ellie afer our walk from the Holiday Inn to Shaiman Island.

Now the torture begins. Nothing hurt Ellie, but you certainly would have thought she had to get several shots the way she cried.

Waiting for Ellie's turn to be examined. There was a basket full of toys and Ellie, Lilly, and FUlton all had fun playing with them while we waited. We used lots of sanitizer afterwards!

We were able to get Ellie's medical appointment done today. It went well, but it was obvious from the start that she has a "white coat phobia" probably from her recent lip repair hospitalization. She cried about everything even getting on the scale. I had to get on with her and then they subtracted my weight. Going to the doctor won't be pleasant for a while w/ little Ellie, and we have quite a few appointments when we get home: cardiologist check-up to ensure her VSD was repaired correctly, cleft clinic, and our pediatrician.

Fulton was great today helping us with all of our luggage, backpacks, and his two little sisters around the airports. Here he is enjoying the sights of Guangzhou. We made sure to point out the poor homes that we saw. One man lived in a make-shift shelter made from pieces of tin. It was very sad and yet it helps to remind us how blessed we truly are to live as we do in America. The area around our hotel is also extremely poor, and it is hard to believe that so many people in this worl live in such impoverished conditions.

We made it to Guangzhou around 12:30 today. Ellie did really well on the plane. There were a few tears but mostly just when she did not get her way. Yes, I believe we have another strong-willed child. Here she is enjoying the air conditioned van and being silly w/ mom as we head to the Holiday Inn Shifu.

Today we had to make our way to Guangzhou to complete the US side of our adoption. It was a little bit of a challenge travelling with 2 little girls now rather than only one, but we made it! Here, Lilly is talking with one of her sisters back home as we are heading to the Kunming airport around 9 this morning. She can really carry on a phone conversation now.


Cousin Sheri said...

Jan- since I seemed to be in a heatwave at your home last week, I guess you are getting your's this week-ha!
So happy to hear that the fever is gone. Last week in China-yeah! Spoke w/Shelby this AM. Apparently Katie was at the office to 'earn' some $$$?
Jim will be gone for at least 28 days in Texas. Keep me in your prayers, please.
Love to you all!

Danny and Rebecca said...

Great to read that Lilly is better!! YEH! Happy Birthday today...I thought I was writing on the 22nd last time! Can't wait to see your pictures on your birthday too!
love ya,

Sharon said...

Jan, things are getting crazy around here with the wedding coming up Sunday. Just wanted to take a few minutes to check in on all of you and to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! What an awesome gift you have received! :)

Ellie looks like such a happy little girl. Bailey is still scared to death of anyone in a white coat except Dr. Giles.

So very glad to hear that Lilly is feeling better! What an answer to prayers. Hope her appetite will return soon.

You will be home before you know it! Can't wait to see you all!


Kim said...

I am so happy that Lilly is well. And that you are safe in Guangzhou now. We are in Hefei now. Our hotel is nicer than Beijing. We will meet to get Cate at 9am. We are so excited and nervous. Love, Kim