Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beautiful Postcards

Our second adoption fundraiser is underway!  We are selling 4 x 5 postcards in packs of 10 for $8.  You have several designs to choose from.  First, a striking design which I simply love, and I hope you will too!
Our oldest daughter Shelby took both of these photos of flowers which she had planted!  They sure turned into beautiful postcards.  We added a verse on each card.  

 Yellow: "Rejoice in the Lord always." Php 4:4
Pink: "He hath made everything beautiful in His time." Ecc 3:11  

You may choose to purchase only pink, only yellow, or a combo pack which includes 5 pink and 5 yellow   Any pack of 10 for only $8!

Our goat milk soap fundraiser is also continuing so please scroll down a few posts and read about the wonderful fragrances available.

With the price of stamps ever-increasing, postcards offer a unique greeting, and you save money on stamps - a win-win opportunity.  Not to mention that each purchase helps our family raise funds to bring Leiney Grace home.  Since a portion of our adoption expenses in China includes a $5200 orphanage donation, your support will even reach the many orphans who will remain at Leiyang Social Welfare Institute long after Leiney Grace has joined her family.  So when you are ready to order your soap or your postscards, just leave a comment or email us at    Thanks for supporting our adoption fundraisers!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulous Goat Milk Soap

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

Black Rasberry

Our first fundraiser for our adoption is underway!  We are excited to be able to sell such a wonderful product as handmade goat milk soap made by a homeschooling family of 8.  The Jonas Family of Indiana are the owners of Goat Milk Stuff and their website can be found at
I first began using this soap to support another friend's adoption.  We are now hooked on this fabulous soap!   The store brands of soap dissolve way too fast and are so drying on the skin.  The goat milk soap bars are large, long-lasting, smell wonderful, and are so moisturizing.  Please consider supporting our adoption fundraiser by purchasing a few bars of soap.  They make wonderful gifts including teacher gifts and think ahead for Christmas as it is right around the corner.  Below is a list of the 10 scents of soap which are included in our fundraiser. Each bar is $6. Leave a comment to order or email us 

Black Rasberry - a favorite of many

Clean Cotton - simple and fresh

Honeysuckle - will remind you of spring

Lavender - a best seller

Luv Spell - pink and pretty

Nautical - for the men but women like it too

Oatmeal,Milk,and Honey - what's not to love?

Ocean - a beautiful bar with a clean scent

Pink Sugary - heavenly and my favorite!

Purity - unscented,great for babies, eczema

In order to support our fundraiser, the soap must be ordered by our family. Just leave a comment with your email or email us, and we will order your soap and make arrangements to receive payment and will then ship or deliver if you are close by!  Thanks.