Sunday, February 26, 2012

We've Been Busy. . .

enjoying firsts with Leiney Grace, homeschooling, various medical appointments, and celebrating Hudson's 4th birthday!

Loves driving the Power Wheel vehicles

Was not afraid of the horses

Happy 4th Birthday, Hudson!

Those trick candles again.  Hudson actually became afraid and wouldn't try to blow them out after 2 failed attempts!  The rest of had a good laugh - Hudson not so much!

One of my biggest fears in adopting an older child was the academic issues.  God had this taken care of too - oh ye of little faith.  I plan to homeschool Leiney Grace through our local school district in order for her to receive English as a second language instruction by a specialized instructor.  I am still waiting on our paperwork, submitted before I left for China, to be approved so that she can begin to receive these classses.  Leiney  Grace is such an eager learner that we started homeschooling the Monday after we returned home from China.  Thus far she has learned: the alphabet, writing numbers to 100, the sounds of A, M, S, Z, K, and D, and how to spell and write her name.  She loves puzzles and playing the many educational games I have acquired through my many years of homeschooling.  She knows and is fine tuning the adding 1 facts.   I am working with Leiney Grace at the same time as Ellie - one on my left and one on my right. 

After a spirit night fundraiser for Katie's school where balloons were made into works of art -  Leiney Grace experienced another 1st and was amazed watching a normal balloon be transformed into all sorts of creatures.

A  cat, a shark, a butterfly, and a monkey

My sister, Michelle, came to help her husband, Dr. Gee, work on Leiney Grace's teeth. 

Leiney Grace and I spent 3 hours at Uncle Nic's dental office on Friday.  Nic was amazing and was so caring and concerned for Leiney Grace's comfort.  He spent about 90 minutes actually cleaning and scraping tartar off her teeth.  Leiney Grace was a trooper! Dr. Gee took some x-rays and said her mouth is not as bad as I originally thought.  We go back next Friday when Uncle Nic/Dr. Gee will be filling 2 teeth.  That will leave a possible 3rd filling and 1 extraction for another day.  The abcessed tooth has to come out before her heart surgery.

The above pictures are of a dental clinic in Guangzhou, China.  These were taken with Uncle Nic in mind!

In addition to a dental visit, Leiney Grace and I have had several other appointments.  We have seen our pediatric cardiologist who did an ECHO - no surprises - straight forward tetralogy of Fallot.  Yeah!  We consulted with our local health department concerning Leiney Grace's positive TB skin test.  They are recommending 9 months of INH treatment.  I am only willing to put Leiney Grace through that if it is absolutely necessary.  Our pediatrician is consulting with an infectious disesase specialist, and then she and I will further discuss what is best for Leiney Grace.  We went Thursday for a CT angiogram of Leiney Grace's heart and lungs.  Again, good news - Tetralogy of Fallot with minimal collateral circulation in the left lung.  Now we wait to hear of her surgery date.


Jennifer O'Cain said...

So glad I had a chance to read the update. Sounds like things are falling right into place and great to hear good news!!

Amy said...

So good to hear all the good news!!!! She looks so happy and beautiful. Please tell her we miss her! Hugs, The Hatchers

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

It looks like Leiney Grace is doing wonderful! She just fits in perfectly! And she is really learning quickly! Praying all goes well with her surgery!


Rebecca Sibley said...

Go great to read this update and see such happy faces!! Love ya!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Looking forward to seeing Leiney Grace again! Let me know if she is ever with you at the school during pick up so I can say "hi". :)

roomforatleastonemore said...

YEAH on her heart!!! WONDERFUL NEWS! And her teeth not being as bad, well that is good news too!

Poor S has to have all dental work done at the hospital due to her heart repair. Thankfully we have a great pedi dentist that has privileges at the Children's Hospital and he works his schedule around her other surgeries (and so far the other Docs have let him come in and do his thing).

Keep us posted on her heart surgery date. So glad she is doing so well! And what a smart and motivated girl!!! And I'm totally impressed with your homeschooling!