Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sightseeing in Changsha

Leiney Grace and her buddy Sam

Beautiful decorations everywhere for CNY

Beautiful entrance to Martyr Park.  I missed seeing this park when we were here in 2007 adopting Lilly.  Never would I have thought that I would have the opportunity to see it again.  The weather was bitter cold so we only stayed about an hour.  I ran most of the way back to get Leiney Grace out of the cold.  I started seeing visions from our hospital tour with Lilly. 

Leiney Grace and Lulu, 21 month old from Chenzhou.

Leiney Grace enjoyed feeding the fish.  I am sure many of these are "firsts" for her and I am so thankful to be able to be there for as many of these "firsts" as I can.

The Hatcher family and Aunt Lulu, Leiney Grace and me.

Freezing but enjoying the sights.

After enduring the cold for as long as we could, we headed to an indoor shopping mall.  It was very pricey but at least it gave us something to do.  Then we went back to the Wal-mart shopping area where the prices were more affordable.  Leiney Grace picked out a puzzle which she has enjoyed doing back at the hotel.

Another pretty scene at Martyr Park

This is for my deer hunters back home - David, Fulton, and Ethan!

After lunch at KFC, Lulu and Leiney Grace enjoyed an ice cream cone.  The weather was way too cold for me to find that enjoyable. 

The Hatcher family and Leiney Grace and I went to the play area in the hotel.  It was a nice break from the hotel room.  Leiney Grace loves spending time with Julia and Sam so I think she will just love all of her siblings back home.
Another self-portrait by Leiney Grace!

We head to Guangzhou tomorrow at 7 PM.  I am so ready for some warm weather!  Looking forward to meeting John Wesley and seeing Sharon and Marty also (  It has been another great day with Leiney Grace who continues to amaze all of us here. 


gksmith96 said...

Hey Jan! Leiney Grace has the biggest, most beautiful smile ever! I'm so glad you all had another wonderful day! GZ will be a nice, warm, welcome change. Thinking of you all and missing you! Love, Kim

Mary Beth Myers said...

We love to read your updates everyday. We're praying for Leiney Grace and you often. I know you've had some unsettling moments but keep trusting in the Lord. And I'm so glad you two are bonding well.
We love you.
Mary Beth & family

Rebecca Sibley said...

Thanks for keeping all of us at home updated!! Love ya,

Elaine said...

Continuing to pray for you! I love seeing Leiney Grace's sweet smile. Elaine