Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Day in Changsha

Our last day in Changsha was Friday.  We had a great day and toured the embroidery museum.  We had lunch in our room and spent some time repacking.  Our stuff seemed to expand.  Leiney Grace enjoyed her first flight very much.  She had a dose of dramamine and thankfully we had no sickness.  The flight was a bit bumpy but we made it safe and sound.  We are now settled in at the Victory with the Hatcher family.  I will post about our today, our first day in Guangzhou, later so I cna catch up on posting.
Leiney Grace continues to amaze us.  She is so kind, generous, and thoughtful.  Thank you to all of you who bought soap, auction items, and BBQ tickets to help get us here to adopt Leiney Grace.  I feel God's presence among us and am so thankful that He opened our hearts to another child in need of a loving forever family! 


Rebecca Sibley said...

I can't wait each day to read about your experiences!! This quickly became habit forming excitement each day!!
Love ya,

Elaine said...

Continuing to pray! Who is your guide? If it is Aron, will you get her e-mail for us? I wanted to send her an update and can't find her e-mail. Sending hugs to you and Leiney Grace.

Michelle Soots said...

Leiney Grace is absolutely beautiful inside and out. It has been great reading your wonderful journey bringing her home. Can not wait to meet her in person. Praying for you all!