Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guangzhou - the 1st 2 days!

Saturday - our 1st day in Guangzhou
Leiney Grace and her new friend Mei who is 12 and just adopted.

Leiney Grace, Sam, and Mei's brother Kyle - all liking the Ipod as we wait for the medical exam.

The not so accurate eye examination.  Leiney Grace weighs 40 pounds - that's with shoes, clothes, and a coat.  She is 48 inches tall. 

Outside our hotel, the Victory

We are so thrilled to be here with Marty, Sharon, and their new son, John Wesley.  John-John is adorable!  Here we were enjoying Starbucks!

Sunday at Safari Park

Leiney Grace really enjoyed seeing all of the animals!

The only twin koalas in the world were born here!  Here they are - Amanda and Michelle.

My TMJ flared up today so I could barely smile as it hurt!

Loved this sight - a huge panda sprawled out in a tree!

Pandas were my favorite!  Leiney Grace liked them all for the most part. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed our 1st 2 days on Shaiman Island in Guangzhou.  The weather is much warmer and there are familiar faces.  Leiney Grace is doing well.  She has begun to exert a little independence and challenge me.  This usually occurs over the stroller.  She doesn't always want to ride in it and would prefer to walk along side the other kids - but she simply can't keep up.  She is still very polite in her attempts to tell me "no".  So far, I have won, and there have been no tears or temper tantrums - just a polite shaking of the head "no" and walking ahead of the stroller until I give that stern look and tone with a "cheng" - please in Chinese.

Leiney Grace's TB skin test is positive.  It will officially be read at the Medical Clinic tomorrow.  We expect she will have to have a chest x-ray.  Please join us in praying that the x-ray is normal.  Will update when we know more!

Heading to the clinic at 10:15 and then going to the Pedestrian Street - the Pearl Market and other shops!

We miss you all at home and can't wait for you to meet Leiney Grace!  She is such a loving and sweet little girl.  Still in awe of God's favor upon us in blessing us with this precious child.


Jenn said...

Poor little thing. She will be home soon running around with lilly and Ellie before you know it. We will be praying for her TB test to come back negative so Yal can get home to the rest of the crew. Glad to see you with Sharon, Marty and John John. It is so much better to be around friends and at Starbucks!. Kendall will be jealous :)

Rebecca Sibley said...

Will pray for the x-ray on TB. Thanks for the them!!
love, Rebecca

trina said...

Wow, how did I miss you going to China? So exciting!! Love little Ms. Leiney Grace. Let's catch up when you get home!