Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Great Day in Guangzhou

Dinner at Lucy's on Monday.  Sam was turning 10, and we enjoyed helping him celebrate his special day!

Julia and Lulu at the other end of the table at Lucy's!

Leiney Grace and her lamb kebobs that she picked out.  She appeared to really enjoy them!  She tried to give the 5th one away to one of us.  She had no takers except for Sam and Julia's dad, Will.  When asked how they were, his reply was "chewy" and when asked if they were tasty, his reply was "not so much!" 

Leaving Lucy's and heading back to our hotel!

Nickname for Leiney Grace - "Meat Lover"
This is what she chose for breakfast this morning - sausage links, bacon, ham, and chicken.  I insisted she eat a banana and a small tangerine type fruit - not sure of correct name.

Pedestrian Street

Even the statues have split pants

An older lady who was begging had an adorable small white bunny on a pink leash.  The children were oohing and aahing so we stopped and allowed them to pet the bunny.  The lady untied the leash and began to walk off leaving the bunny with the Z family children.  Heather, their mother, panicked and told Elvin, our guide, to tell the lady to take her bunny back.  The Z children were begging to keep the bunny.  Both Mom and Dad along with Elvin explained why taking a bunny from China through US customs would not work!  Aunt Lulu and I were laughing hysterically! 

Having Leiney Grace's pearls strung at the Pearl Market

Let's just say this is NOT what we had for lunch.  However, some of  the Z family members, on the other hand, are quite brave!

We skipped the squid and got Leiney Grace corn on the cob.  Aunt Lulu and I had fries from Mcdonald's and the 3 of us had hot fudge sundaes for a treat!

Leiney Grace has posing down pat!  Thank you to Sharon for giving Leiney Grace the  beach ball.  She enjoyed watching me struggle to blow it up and then we had fun playing with it in our room.

Blowing bubbles the old fashion way even taxes Leiney Grace's breathing so I am glad I brought this bubble blower for her.  We just pulled it out today, and Leiney Grace loved it!

A sight on Shaiman Island today as we were strolling between shops.  Soliders, I assume?

She is as sweet as she is cute!
Blessed beyond measure!

Almost forgot to share the fantastic news. . .
Leiney Grace's TB skin test was positive, but her required chest x-ray was normal!  Praise God for this answered prayer.
Also, I had Elvin ask the doctor if her heart appeared to be enlarged on the x-ray.  We were told her heart was normal size!  Not certain that I believe that, but it gives us hope that her heart is not as bad as it could be! 

We also did Red Couch photos today.  I have too many good photos and am too tired to post those today!  Come back tomorrow! 

Jenn received Pearl today -


Mary Beth Myers said...

We love checking the blog everyday for new pictures. We can't wait to meet Leiney Grace in person either. She is adorable. So glad her x-ray was normal and we will continue praying for you all.
Mary Beth & family

Rebecca Sibley said...

Thankful the x-ray was normal! Love the updates each exciting to read what is going on!
love, Rebecca

Amie said...

Annie Hall and Leiney Grace will be great friends...I can tell! so excited to see you both. Love and safe travels.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

We've really enjoyed sharing this journey with you guys!

Loved seeing all the pics from GZ and makes me miss Shaiman Island!

PTL for the good report on the x-ray. God is good!