Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Change of Plans

Plan A: Today did not go as we had planned.  We had hoped to visit the Leiyang Social Welfare Institute where Leiney Grace has lived the last 5 1/2 years.  After leaving the hotel a little after 8, we were well on our way and in heavy traffic when Leiney Grace began to act as if something were wrong.   Car sickness was the culprit.  We were only an hour into our 3 hour trip and that was only one way.  We consulted with our guide and Leiney Grace, and we all decided it would be best to change our plans and head back to Changsha.  I was disappointed as I really wanted to have some more information about her past and pictures to share with Leiney Grace when she is older.  That was not to be.

Plan B: We have been told that Leiney Grace loves to spend time outdoors so we thought a stop at a park would be a nice diversion to the rough start to our day.
The park was nice and as we began to stroll through it, Leiney Grace spotted a small jumpy castle.  She was pointing from her stroller and beaming.  She pulled herself out of the stroller and headed straight inside.  She had to be stopped by the attendant to take off her shoes and for me to pay 10 RMB. 

All was well for 5 minutes maybe 8 at the most.  She exited and said her heart hurt and grabbed her chest.  PANIC!  She also said she was cold.  I quickly wrapped my coat around her and put her in the stroller.  (The scarf belonged to our guide Shirley who was wonderful!)  Shirley kept speaking to Leiney Grace in Chinese and was so attentive to her.  Leiney Grace told her she wanted to leave and go back to the hotel. 

The only part of the park we saw.

Leiney Grace on the way out of the park.  Oh, forgot to mention that the kind attendant at the jumpy castle walked over and handed the 10 RMB back to me saying she only played for a short time.  I thought that was so very kind of him.  Several of the Chinese people came over to check on her.  One man was feeling her forehead for fever until our guide told him she had a heart condition, and he said "OH!"  We were touched by their concern.

Back at the hotel with Shirley, a very caring guide.
 Plan C: I cried the entire way back to the  hotel - my heart was simply broken for my daughter who has had to live this way for entirely too long.  She hardly did anything on the jumpy castle - just walked around, sat on a toy, tried to pull up on a small slide - that's it - yet it completely wore her out.  I can only imagine how limited she has been these 8 1/2 years.  My heart was so heavy for her.  We were all worn out from the morning so we decided we would hang out at the hotel for the rest of the day.  Leiney Grace enjoyed playing on the Leapster, coloring, copying English words and letters including her name.  She had fun playing with my camera, and we both enjoyed an afternoon nap.  After nap time, Aunt Lulu had us both laughing at her new hair-do, I painted Leiney Grace's nails, and Lulu and I had a Chinese style pedicure at the hotel- no polish and no massage : (  So Leiney Grace polished my toes in the room! 

Although the day did not go as I had planned, Leiney Grace and I did have another great day getting to know each other.  She has certainly talked more today in Chinese, sang songs, seems to understand a little more English.  To end the night, she and Lilly sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Chinese together via Skpe - beautiful!


Rebecca Sibley said...

I can't wait to read the updates each day!! Thankful Leiney Grace recovered from her scare at the park. Glad you got a nap!!
love, Rebecca

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Your updates are a highlight of my day as well, Jan! Thanks for letting me live it with you! I wanted to cry for Leiney Grace reading it! But you know I can already see happiness and a perkiness in her compared to all the photos before! It sounds like you two are really bonding! I'm beyond thrilled for you!

Thanks for sharing! Still praying for you all too!


Jenn said...

Tears for her past and future. Lilly is so excited to share with Kendall and I about your Skype sessions. Singing twinkle, twinkle just brought tears to my eyes. So glad Lilly is learning mandarin do she can help with her jie jie's transition. See you in a week and a day!

The Waites Family said...

Jan, I'm so overjoyed to read about sweet Leiney Grace. She seems to be an absolute joy. I'm praying for her heart. Although, I have a feeling it's so full over the beautiful family God has chosen for her. Blessings to you all.

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Sorry for the rough day. I love to hear all about you and
Leiney bonding, it reminds me so much of our time in China with Lily. Praying for Leiney and her health.

Elaine said...

Jan, We were out of town and I didn't have your blog address with me. I was SO excited to FINALLY be able to read all the news. We had been praying for you but I was thrilled to finally see the photos of sweet Lainey Grace united with her mommy!! Of course I sat at my computer and cried to see God's plan unfold yet again. Continuing to pray for you, your aunt and Lainey Grace. We love you girl!! The Horton family...

Amie said...

I am so excited to see what you and Leiney Grace are doing. I am so ready to meet her, and Annie Hall is excited also to meet a new friend. Your children are so blessed to have you and David. Love to you!

Jen Barbee said...

I am so glad that Leiney Grace has her mother there with her now and she is on her way to better health. Praising God that he has brought her this far. Praying for you all.....
Love, The Barbees