Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Couch Photo and More Shopping

Red Couch Photo:
I'll just let the pictures tell the story - all we could do was laugh! This is a tradition among adoptive families to pose on the Red Couch in the White Swan Hotel. We were with the other 2 familes whom we met in Hohthot. All 3 of the boys, Hudson, Wei, and AJ, were from Baotou SWI, and Hudson and Wei (the boy in the blue Chinese outfit) were in the same room at the SWI and said to be good friends. We hope to stay in touch although neither family lives close to us back home. At least we did get one good family photo in front of the waterfall at the White Swan - note: David is standing and Hudson is happy!

Shopping on Shaiman Island:

Since we have our US Consulate appointment tomorrow and then take the train to Hong Kong, today was our last day to do any shopping. And shopping we did. We purchased several gifts for Hudson to give him each year on the anniversary of the day we met, known as Forever Family Day or Gotcha Day. Of course we bought several gifts for Shelby, Katie, Fulton, Lilly, and Ellie back home. Ethan has been wanting a stuffed panda as every other child in our family received one when they visited China so today he finally found a quality stuffed panda that was just the right price.

Hudson decided today was "Daddy Day" so Mom has not been able to hold him. As you can see from the photo, David had about had it at this point - combine the heat and humidity, toting Hudson for about 2 hours straight(remember no sitting allowed), and shopping for several consecutive hours - yeah, that just about did David in!

We enjoyed lunch with Wei's family at the Cow and Bridge Thai restaurant - delicious! Hudson loved the chips - I took one bite and had trouble swallowing as they tasted just like fish. The waitress brought a basket by our table shortly after we were seated. We assummed they were free like chips are at a Mexican restaurant - nope. We were both charged for the baskets of fish chips - at least all 3 of our boys devoured them including Ethan. I was shocked that he liked them.

Lastly, here's a glimpse of Emma's store on the island and my attempt to buy shoes for Hudson who cries every time you take his shoes off, and for Lily and Ellie - I measured their shoes before I left home. Emma's store had the best selection of children's shoes. I purchased Hudson, Lilly, and Ellie several pair for the fall - 6 pairs for less than $45. Plus the storekeeper gave Ethan a whistle and Hudson a toy drum - yeah, just what we needed!

We haven't heard from Nikki yet although we will try to call her soon. We plan to stay around our hotel tonight and then pack up tomorrow as we leave for the consulate at 2:30 and from there we'll go straight to the train station and catch our train for Hong Kong. We'll overnight there and then our flight leaves around 12 noon on Friday for HOME!!!! I'll try to post some pictures one last time tomorrow. We have so enjoyed our time here and getting to know our new son, fiesty one that he is, but of course we long to get home and reunite our family. Thanks for following our journey to Hudson and for all of your prayers, support, and love.


Sharon said...

Jan, I can not help but laugh at those pictures of Hudson. He is even cute when he is having a fit. Poor David. I know the heat is terrible.

Great shoe deals! Our girls are still wearing shoes we bought when we brought Bailey home.

Fish chips? Eeeew. LOL Hudson and Ethan can eat dried squid with Brinley, Bailey and Lily O at our next gathering!

Can't wait to see you all Friday!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Will pray for the long flight home! David is sure a trooper to shop and hold Hudson for so long...he sure loves you, Jan!!

Cousin Sheri said...

I get a kick out of the pic of David w/that fan! I needed that in your yard last week-ha ha...
Praying for safe trip home. Know all the kids are ready to be at home together!
Love ya