Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dinner at Aggie's House

Our guide Aggie invited us to have dinner with her family.  We were thrilled to be able to get out of the bustling city and see a different side of Hohthot.  Aggie, who is 29, lives at home with her mother and father.  Her younger brother is away at college.  When asked how her parents were allowed to have 2 children, Aggie replied that her parents "knew people" who arranged for them to keep both children.

Aggie and Ethan walked to a nearby store and came back with ice cream, candy, and beer for David.  Here David is eating a corn ice cream pop.  He said it literally tasted like buttered corn on the cob.

Ethan really likes Aggie and has been asking today if we could go back to eat at Aggie's house.  The draw is certainly not the food as he ate very little.  I think Ethan enjoys Aggie and their trips to the candy store : )

                   Aggie's mother and father

Eating with Aggie's family was a wonderful experience.  Her mother was so kind and hospitable.  David and I both left with a range of emotions - amazed that their home was the size of one of our bedrooms and ashamed at the materialism that is so consumming in America - amazed at their simplicity of life - no running water, no bathroom in their home and ashamed at our grumbling and complaining over such little inconveniences in our lives.  Please pray for Aggie and her family - Aggie has said they "have no religion".  We have said our blessings before meals and tried to share a little of our faith with her.  She has asked us questions like when do we pray and what do we believe.  I asked her today where we all came from if there is no God, and she said "monkeys".  I continued trying to dispute evolution with her.  Needless to say our hearts are heavy for this dear sweet soul who we now call friend. . .one who will perish for all eternity unless she comes to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  I could go on and on about this precious, generous, lovely young woman but I must close.  Just please pray for her and her family.
We visited the Grasslands today, and I must say it was a bit disappointing.  The trip there was long and through curving mountainous terrain.  Add that to the crazy reckless driving in China and let's just say, I was praying and gasping the whole way there.  On the way back, I was holding a bag for Hudson who finally succumbed to motion sickness.  And we were actually only out of the car at the Grasslands for 20 minutes - tops because there is nothing to do, and it was very cold and windy.

When we finally made it safely back to the city, Hudson felt much better. We stopped at Mcdonalds and got our order to go. Hudson had his first french fries and loved them- no surprise!

Hudson enjoyed playing and attempting to put this puzzle together.  He was so excited when we finished it.

After the bout of motion sickness, he opened up more than ever.  He was laughing and playing - even played with Ethan a little.  The boys both love cars and the wide window sill makes a great "road".

Overall another great day!  Hudson's "cold" seems to be better as he has coughed less today - so thankful for this! Heading to dinner with Wei and his family.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Wow! What an experience to go to Aggie's home. Glad you were able to share your faith. I hope we get Aggie as a guide.

Hudson looks much happier in the pics. He's so cute!

Hope you all have a great day!

strandfam said...

It looks like you had a nice day! How wonderful to be able to share dinner with your guide and her family.I will keep her in my prayers. I am sure your lives shined with the love of God. So glad Hudson is feeling better. Enjoy your last few days in Inner Mongolia.

Sharon said...

Jan, your post just touches my heart so much. We will be praying for Aggie and her family.
So glad to hear that Hudson's cold is better and that all is going well. Love the photos of Ethan. He is such a cutie!
I would not have done well driving through the mountains. ugh.

I miss y'all!! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!