Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Busy Sunday!

Liuhuahu Park:

This morning we headed to Liuhuahu park with the only other BAAS family here. We met them yesterday as we did the medical visit with them. They are not staying at the Garden as we are so we only see them on our excursions. Today was great fun for Ethan because the other family brought their 8 year old son, Christopher. Ethan and Christopher rode a roller coaster, bumper cars, and one other ride together at the park. Ethan, David, Christopher, and his dad, Darren, also rented a boat and rode it on the lake. While they were enjoying their boat ride, Hudson cried the entire time - 30 minutes - because David was the one holding him when he had to leave to go on the boat ride. I know Hudson needs transition time - that became crystal clear very early on - but since we don't speak the same language, it is very difficult to transition him at times. Several Chinese ladies offered their advice to us - one rubbed her tummy, one told our guide (we had our friend Nikki today as our other guide had meetings to attend. Nikki was our "personal hospital tour guide" with Lilly in 2007) that we should give him water. Of course I knew better, Hudson was just angry - period! Once David came back from the boat ride, Hudson was fine. It was a wonderful morning and the park was beautiful; however, it was excruciatingly HOT and MUGGY. David and Darren were literally soaked and I actually felt a little sick. But we made it back to the hotel where we cooled off, ate some Ritz crackers with peanut butter, ramen noodles, and fruit.

Then we went swimming. . .
You may recall Hudson was petrified of his first bath so my expectations were low. I'll let the pictures tell the story. . .


Yes, much progress indeed. Ethan and Hudson enjoyed a warm bath after their swimming pool time

The Gamecock Boys - we're missing Fulton!

Although you will likely be reading this after the fact, please pray for Nikki. We have been witnessing to her since our trip to adopt Lilly in May 2007. We even gave her a Bible on our trip to adopt Ellie in September 2008. Tonight we are thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a Christian worship service in China! The service is on Shaiman Island and guess who is going with us? Yep, Nikki accepted our invitation to dinner and church. The entire service will be in Mandarin so although we will understand nothing, we pray that God will speak to Nikki during this service. I have been praying since last night, when our plans were made, that God would open Nikki's heart and should would be receptive to what she hears. Nikki said she is excited to attend the church service. I'll let you know how it goes in tomorrow's post.


trina said...

I love the pictures!! He's so handsome and loving those smiles.

Machell said...


I will be praying for Nikki. Thanks for sharing with her. You've planted the seed.

Cousin Sheri said...

Praying for Nikki-how wonderful that you have this opportunity with her! And I love that Hudson adores David-just another Bryant boy to teach how to hunt, etc.
Miss ya Shelby,Katie,Fulton, Lilly and Ellie-sleep well!

Elaine said...

Praying for Nikki. She was our guide for 2 of our trips too. Elaine

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm reading this after you've already been to church, but I will pray for Nikki!

Loved all the pics! Hudson's progress shows in the pics!

So is Hudson a daddy's boy more so right now? I am so wondering what to expect, but time will tell!


Sharon said...

Praying for Nikki!

Granny Mae came over last night and saw Hudson's pictures for the first time other than the ones on our fridge. She kept saying, "Oh my goodness he is so cute! Look at that smile!". It is truly incredible how much God has changed the hearts of people around us. :)

I emailed again about Olivia yesterday. Her file is still available! Please pray for her!

See you soon!