Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Bit about Our Little Guy

Piano -playing


Daddy - loving Junior Gamecock
(National Champs as of last night - GO COCKS!)

Water and Jie Jie loving

Blueberry -picking and eating

Temper -tantrum throwing
(Mama wouldn't let him have any more berries. Needless to say, he LOVES blueberries, and he ate a TON)

Car - pulling
(day after arriving home - note suitcase is still on bathroom floor!)

Dirt- digging

Cozy  Coupe driving

Gu-Gu loving. . . . special little guy!

I don't have enough time to share just how wonderful these first 2 weeks home have been but let me try. . . 

Hudson is truly  a different child than the one we met and spent 14 days with in China.  He has literally blossomed before our very eyes.  In looking back, it appears that Hudson put up walls and was almost refusing to let us in for a while.  Then he went threw an anger stageI suppose as part of his grieving.  Now he has become a happy-go-lucky-little fellow!  We have had one rough night, a few very early mornings, and temper tantrums here and there, but overall, Hudson has been a delight.  He still likes to be held while you are walking, but he is getting better at tolerating us sitting down.  He still speaks Chinese mostly, but he has added a few English words like Daddy, car, ball, cat, and Bubba (for Fulton).  He hasn't learned "Go Gamecocks" yet or "We are the National Champs in baseball" but we are working on that!  He calls me "Mama" now but only recently was calling me "Ayi" - nannie in Chinese. And he blew me a kiss today after I put him down for a nap.  I smacked my lips as if kissing him, and he did it back - so sweet! 

Our other children are doing amazingly well with Hudson.  There has been really no sibling jealousy to speak of - yet.  Lilly tells me all the time how much she likes Hudson.  He has even made her "best friend" list.  So all is well here for which we are so very grateful.  God has blessed us with a remarkable little boy who fits in beautifully with our family.  Once again I have been amazed by the miracle of adoption.  Once again I am thanking the Father for calling us to adopt - again - even though many thought we were definitely insane (with Ellie they thought we were just bordering insanity but now we are really there).  Once again I am thanking the Father for giving us the courage, faith, and strength to obey His call. Is He calling you to care for one of the 147 million orphans who wait for a family ???


Jennifer Barbee said...

So glad to hear that all is well. What a precious little boy. Can't wait to see him in person.

Cousin Sheri said...

I think I am gonna have to just come down there very soon and see this newest cousin in person! I can't wait for John-Parker and Hudson to meet. We are gonna be beating the girls off with a stick one day!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

Great update and am so happy to see that things are going well. Hope soon to meet this little guy and see that cute personality and smile in person.

Sharon said...

So happy to hear that all of you are doing well! Can't wait to meet Hudson and see all of you again.

Thank you again for picking up the dresses for Brinley and Bailey! :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

He's so cute, Jan! Love the Americana outfit! Glad everything is going well! It was good to hear from you!