Monday, June 7, 2010

Meeting Hudson

Hudson in the arms of a nannie right after they arrived at the hotel.

Not too sure of being in my arms for the first time.

Hudson still very unsure but his Baba sure looks happy.

Ethan was great - here he was blowing bubbles to help calm Hudson down.

Hudson and his gu gu (big brother) Ethan.

Hudson did not like the Cheerios we brought, but he loved these biscuits which are like crackers. He came in with his nannie clutching a pack. He started trying to open the package with his teeth. Then he let me open them and feed him. Guess who else loved these - little Lilly!

This will be brief as Hudson has not napped and is on my lap. David and Ethan are swimming. Overall, things have gone pretty well. Out of our 3 adoptions, Hudson has had the most difficult time with the transition. He cried a lot this morning and continues to wimper off and on. He has gone to the door and pulled on the handle saying something in Chinese. He loves the Elmo phone, and I did get a glimpse of a smile when he was playing with that. He loves toys that make noise - I wish I would have brought more of them. He seems younger than 27 months to me. He hasn't said much - not that I would understand anything, but he does shake his head no if he doesn't want something.

I am most concerned because he has IV marks in both hands and in one foot - he cries if I try o take off his shoes so I only looked at 1 foot. His nose was running this morning, and he was coughing when he was upset. I asked if he had been sick and was told he had a cold. Well, for those of you who followed Lilly's journey, I noticed IV marks in her head and feet also. Lilly wouldn't eat, and Hudson has not taken anything but 2 packs of biscuits and 1 milk box (like a juice box but milk). David and I are both concerned. Our guide said she would ask more questions tomorrow about his recent illness. Please pray for Hudson to recover from this "cold". We don't have the Barbees here with us or Kathy so we simply can not do a repeat hospital tour like we did with Lilly.

Thank you for your prayers thus far. We are blessed beyond measure


Jennifer Barbee said...

Hudson is such a beautiful boy! Praying for that God would have his hand on you all.

Sharon said...

Hudson is right where he belongs now! What a sweet little face. We will be praying for him and that you will be able to get some answers.

Congratulations! :)

Pam said...

Praying for sweet little Hudson and you all. He is SUCH a sweet little guy.

Machell said...


I'm so glad that y'all have Hudson in your arms. Hudson sounds a lot like Nate ... going to the door wanting to leave. I know it is hard watching him do that. My heart breaks for him because hearing this brings back memories of Nate's Gotcha day but in a few days he will be better. I'm praying for y'all.

Until They All Have Homes!!!!!

strandfam said...

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it!
I am rejoicing with you today in the beautiful gift of Hudson! You will be in my prayers.
What an adorable little boy he is!

Cyndi said...

Hudson is too cute!!!! Praying for you guys to have a great time and safe travels home! Great to see you wearing your shirt in the photos! We got ours our ordered today! Love them!

Nathanael said...
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The Waites Family said...

What a little sweetheart Hudson is! Praying for wisdom for you all, and that you'll get the answers you needs. Also, for the transition to go smoothly.

(Sorry, I deleted the last comment--I was in my husband's account and didn't think you'd recognize who it was from.)

Dawn said...

Oh Jan--there are no words!!! So sweet!!! i pray for an easy night of sleep for Hudson and for his "illness". Love you guys!!!

Kim said...

He is so beautiful!!! Congratulations you guys!


The Smith's said...

Jan he is so precious. We will continue to pray for Hudson as he transitions.

trina said...

Oh my..he's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! I just 'introduced him' to our Hudson. He said, "Hi, Hudson." I'm so happy for you all!!!!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Yeah! We are at Mayo, but I checked today to see if there was an update and so glad to read this blog!! Will pray for Hudson to get well.