Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pearl River Cruise and Other Happenings

Last night we went on the Pearl River Cruise. I had always wanted to do this, but it just never worked out for us until this trip. The food was all Chinese and not real appealing, but we all enjoyed fried rice and chocolate ice cream. David and I both tried a variety of dishes, but we weren't thrilled with the selection. However, the overall experience was fantastic. We enjoyed the sights of the river and the lights were gorgeous. Ethan loved the boat ride and looking at all of the other boats going by.

After the cruise, we stopped by the hotel lounge as we heard live piano music and singing. Do you see more evidence of PROGRESS? Yes, that is indeed David sitting in a chair w/ Hudson on his lap - and no tears or screaming or kicking or thrashing of arms! I couldn't believe it. This comes after Hudson had his biggest fit to date - over David sitting down on the playroom sofa whild holding him. This picture was taken about 4 hours after that temper tantrum. We enjoyed the music for a while, and I think the young lady singing really enjoyed singing for Ethan and Hudson - she kept smiling at them. She and the piano player waved goodbye as we left.

This morning we headed to the Pearl Market. I had purchased Lilly a necklace and bracelet back in 2007. On our last trip to adopt Ellie, the guide in Guangzhou was not local and she did not know where the Pearl Market was. I was determined to purchase some pearls for Ellie on this trip. Mission accomplished! While I made my decisons and bargained a little, Ethan and Hudson enjoyed riding on this toy - I don't know the correct name but I do know David Myers has one because Ethan pointed that out. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Hudson out of David's arms standing on the floor walking toward his "gu gu" on the toy. The boys both had fun!

We went swimming after our short shopping trip. I had to swim this time as I made a deal with Ethan - he has been dog paddling rather than swimming and so I said "If you swim to the ladder, really swim not dog paddle, I'll get in and swim to the ladder and back." Well, he did it, and then I had to keep my word of course, so I braved the very cold water and swam!

Tonight we are heading to Shaiman Island as I have lots of gifts to buy for my sweet children at home! Counting down the days til we head home but absolutely dreading the thought of that flight again!



Sharon said...

Praise God for progress! So glad Ethan and Hudson were playing together. That is a plasma car they are playing with. Bailey's orphanage had one and it was her favorite toy. When she sees one in a store she always reminds me that she left her car in China.

Brice said the best food was on the Pearl River cruise. I have to agree with you.....not to my liking.

Now since I have mentioned Bailey and Brice I must now type the word BRINLEY because she wants to know why I haven't typed her message. "I miss Mrs Jan and my friend Ethan. I think Hudson is a cute baby." Sorry, David, no message for you. LOL
You will be home soon!!! HOORAY!!!

Love y'all!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh, I loved all the pics, Jan! Hudson and Ethan look like they're having fun! Hudson looks like he's adjusting well and looks happy!

Thanks for sharing pics of the Pearl River Cruise, as we were thinking about this too!

We're on the countdown....probably won't even sleep tonight as we have to leave home around 2:15 a.m. for the airport!

If you talk to Katie, tell her Joy tried calling her at the neighbor's house but didn't get them!

Hugs! Talk to you later!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...
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Rebecca and Danny said...

Look forward to the updates!! Love you!