Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out and About

We spent the day at the Inner Mongolia Museum and a Buddist Temple. We enjoyed lunch with Aggie at Pizza Hut - very good! Aggie says "It is a lovely place." We agree - very clean and delicious! Hudson has continued to reveal his adorable yet fiesty personality to us. When he gets upset, it is difficult to calm him down. The orphanage said this as well. We are eating leftovers in our room for dinner tonight. In the morning we will be packing up and will be leaving for the airport at 2 PM. We have enjoyed Hohthot but look forward to Guangzhou knowing that we are closer to home! Enjoy the pictures from today.


strandfam said...

Your boys are both ADORABLE in their Chinese outfits! Too cute! It looks like you had a full day! THANK YOU for ALL you did to connect with Bella! It is such a gift to our family. I am sure you are counting down the days until your entire family is together. Praying for your trip tomorrow. Have a wonderful time in Guangzhou!

Machell said...


Looks like Hudson is adjusting!!! PTL I'm so ready to go back to China. Still lifting you up. I know you're ready to come home.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I can't believe you're already about ready to go to GZ! I'm sure it seems longer to you, but it seems like from here that it's flown by!

I really enjoyed the pictures! Ethan and Hudson look cute in the Inner Mongolia native outfits!

Adorable and fiesty....that's a good combination. Hudson looks happy!

Talk to you later,

Sharon said...

LOVE the picture of David carrying both of his little boys! Hudson looks so cute in his hat and Ethan is quite handsome in his traditional garb! GZ is in sight! HOORAY! HOORAY!!!

Love y'all!

Rebecca and Danny said...

What a wonderful journey to read and see! I do think David had to balance himself with the boys in front and the bookbag on his back...whew!

Dawn said...

Jan and David,

We are all praying for you. What a wonderful little boy !!!
Talked to the kids tonight and all is well. I know it will be so exciting to all be home together.
Hope to see you Friday.
The Roses

The Waites Family said...

Praising God for the smiles I see. Praying for safe travels for you all today.

Anthony Goodroe said...

Good job scoring the beer. Tell Ethan the deal included both ways. Got gypsum for the peanuts today.