Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Suitcase Filled With Love

We have all been busy here getting ready for our big trip to bring Lilly home. For many months now the girls and I have been collecting items to take to the orphans who live at Lilly's orphanage. Shelby and Katie put a lot of time, energy, and most of all love in preparing this suitcase of clothes, toys, stickers, candy, bubbles, and other items. We have requested to visit the Chenzhou orphanage where Lilly is, but we have not been given an answer yet. If we are not allowed to visit, we will deliver the items in bags to the orphanage representatives that bring Lilly to us. Thank you to friends and family who contributed to our collection of much needed items for these precious children who still wait for their forever families!

We are set to leave on May 11 and will soon post our itinerary. Please continue to pray for safe travel, good health, and for Lilly's attachment to us as her parents. Lilly will be leaving everything and everyone that she has known for a year and a half. She will need to grieve for this tremendous loss before she is able to begin bonding and attaching to us. The first 3 days or so will likely be difficult for her. We will of course do all that we can to comfort her, and we specifically request your prayers for her. Thanks so much to each and everyone of you who have supported us thus far in our amazing journey to Lilly.


Kim Sylvia said...

how is Fulton? did anyone else get sick? praying for you!!

Rebecca and Danny said...

Time is getting close to bringing Lilly home! Today, Danny commented on how much Jan's new hair style makes her look Chinese!! Praying for all of you!