Monday, May 21, 2007

48 hours to go

Lilly's latest hospital room. It's not too great, but the staff seems knowledgable.

She loves to fling herself back from a sitting position. We do this alot!! It's her favorite game!

Trying to catch a smile- Daddy missed it. She has alredy learned to say "uh-oh" when she throws her toys down- which is often! She also says mama and dada.

Daddy got the smile just lost some of her head! She's such a happy, active baby, and she is sick. I can't wait to get to know her when she is healthy! I can only imagine how much fun she will be!

This has been a most difficult journey that God has called us to. Never did we imagine that Lilly would be so sick. God knew though, and we believe that is why He worked it out for us to come on May 11. Only God knows if Lilly would have even been alive on May 21 which is when we would have gotten her had we not traveled until May 18. At best, she would have been much sicker had she stayed in the orphanage for an additional week.
I spoke with Dr. MAcpherson this AM. Again she said Lilly's special need, VSD, did not cause this. Her lungs are what are so sick and of course that puts much added stress on her heart causing it to enlarge. Dr. Mac said once her lungs are well, the enlarged heart condition is reversible. She said they watch kids with VSD for years until the kids outgrow it. Another Echo was done yesterday. The equipment looked very "American" and the technician was an instructor because she had a roomful of students. The echo only showed VSD, enlarged left side of the heart, and slight increase in pulmonary pressure. This was such a relief because we were afraid that either she did have another defect that we had not been told about by the orphanage or that she had suffered permanent heart damage as a result of this long illness. Respiratory illnesses are rampant in CHina due to the poor air quality, etc. In one hospital room there were 3 kids and they had pneumonia too.
Despite our suffering, we know that God has been with us each step. It is only by His presence and His grace that we have survived thus far. Let me share some of our praises to our God:
1. God sent us to Lilly when she needed us most and in time to hopefully save her life.
2. That I am a nurse and was able to pick up on the fact that she did need medical attention.
3. That we were given the wisdom to find a new hospital last Fri. because the first one was awful
4. For Mei Sun and the doctor "professor" who were so kind and helpful to us at the hospital in the last city, Changsha. This woman was an angel of God and I shall never forget her. They were the first to treat her heart issues. And for Kathy who just happened to be in the same city where we got Lilly. That is amazing to me. China is so big and yet He put Lilly and us in that city!!! God knew ahead of time that we would go through this and He put us in that city so Kathy could be an invaluable source of info. and support to us.
5. That Lilly was stable enough to travel by plane to this new city.
6. That we found a decent hospital here and that we brought enough money to pay for all of this. You pay before you are treated.
7. That Lilly's heart is stable now. They have taken her off of oxygen and the monitor machine.
8. That we have the Barbees who have cared for Shelby and KAtie.
9. That we have an ICU nurse in our group who will also be with us on the plane ride home.
10. That the latest Echo showed nothing alarming. The only other Echo was done at the awful hospital back when she was 10 months old.
11. That we have so many wonderful friends, family members, and complete strangers praying for Lilly and for us.
12. That Lord willing we all will be home in less than 48 hours.
13. For Shelby and Katie who have been so understanding and patient during this extremely difficult time.
14 That Lilly did pass the exam to receive a visa to enter the US. We will receive that tomorrow.
The doctors do not feel that the pneumonia is responding to the Rocephin so today they will be starting a new antibiotic. Pray that this will help begin the road to healing in her lungs. Dr. Mac. is thinking of any medicines we may need for her on the very long plane ride home. Please pray that the doctors here will be understanding and allow us to purchase these meds. Please pray that Lilly would continue to improve and that the plane ride would not set her back too far.
Dr. Mac is contacting Dr. Ozzy Shuler who is Lilly's cardiologist. When we land, we will be heading to Richland Memorial to be admitted there. Although it won't be home, it will be such a relief to be in America.
Thank you again for lifting up this precious child and our family. We love and miss you and thank God for all of you. Thanks for the comments. They have helped us so much.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, The Bryants


Carmi said...

I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for Lilly daily. God is good and he will see her (and you all) through.
Carmi (Henderson)

Sharon said...

Jan, I just want to hug you. The China trip is a difficult one even when EVERYTHING is perfect. God did put you there in His perfect timing. I am so sorry that Lilly has been sick with no one to care for her but now she has such a wonderful family and many, many friends who love her and will be praying for her. We will continue to pray that Lilly will have a complete and rapid recovery and that her illness will have purpose. Perhaps God will use this tiny little person's plight to show others the true need in China for more parents who are willing to adopt these precious children. Less that 48 hours to go for you! Thank you, Lord!
Brinley includes Lilly in her prayers every night now without me talking her through it. She says, "Please take care Bailey. Please take care Lilly. Her come home with the mommy Jan."


Crystal Moore said...

Our family is so grateful for your family and your willingness to go give Lilly the family she so desperately needed. What a calling God has given you and you have responded with faith. Tell your two daughters how proud I am of them for being such great big sisters in such a stressful situation. We will continue to pray for Lilly so I hope you continue to update your site once you are home. We praise the Lord with you for the blessings He already had waiting for you in China. Isn't it great that He goes before us and He equips us for the road ahead. I look forward to Lilly being well so your family can enjoy her to the fullest. God Bless You!


Cousin Sheri said...

Jan and David- depending on if you read this comment before landing in Columbia, please call me that night or Friday and let me know if I can help with the children over the weekend. I can drive down and give Sarah and Gene and Mary a break while you guys are at Richland. 828-687-4488
Also, Hab 3:19
The Lord God is my strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds' feet and will make me walk (not to stand in terror, but to walk) and make (spiritual) progress upon my high places (of trouble, suffering, or responsiblity).
Our God is so good! He is worthy of all our praise! I can't wait to meet Lilly but will be patient while she recovers. She is so your child!

In His Grip,

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

That is so wonderful that you are seeing the good in such a rough time. We are praying for you and know that through God, Lilly will get better and you will fly home on Thursday. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers and thanks for taking time to keep us updated. The pictures of Lilly are priceless. She is SUCH a cutie pa-tootie. Praying for you!!!!!!

Rebecca and Danny said...

Thanking the Lord for His goodness and mercy. I pray all during the night for Lilly and ya'll. I was awakened this morning by a beep that kept going off..I thought it was a cell phone or the fire alarm battery that was low...I checked all out and nothing was found and once I was awake and looked, it never beeped again....It awakened me for a reason...I felt it was to pray for Lilly right then. I don't know the timing of getting her VISA but it was daytime for you there. It is our 31st anniversary too. So a special day for us to remember when Lilly got her VISA to come to America!! Can't wait to see you soon!
love, Rebecca and Danny

Donna said...

Jan & David - Please know that the Dolniak family is praying for all of you. After 2 International Adoptions, we can certainly sympathize with all you are going through, although we did not have a sick child to deal with. May Lilly continue to progress, and may you all have a safe journey home. After 7 weeks in Poland, I actually kissed the ground when we landed in Chicago. God Bless all of and give Lilly a big hug from us! Joe, Donna, Tyler and Adrianna Dolniak

Christy said...

What a relief to read that Lilly is improving some. We have and will continue to lift you all up. My 3 girls like to pray ----Lainie and Lilly, their names flow well together, don't you think. What a wonderful gift you and the Barbees have been for each other!

Christy Davis
(friend of the Barbees)