Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Gamecock!!!!!-----Walmart Anyone????

Lilly already wants to go to a game!! I'm teaching her to say Go Gamecocks!!

Yes, Walmart is here and it is very popular. They have just a few culture differences. Fish..alive,dead in ice,or smoke dried. Eel,turtle,snake,rabbit,chicken(in the picture...Shelby wouldn't let me buy one) and many other strange type of animals we could buy to eat. There were no medicines in the store, but they had most anything else.

The girls continue to draw huge crowds. (I'm making sure it doesn't go to their heads)I just don't think most of the Chinese have ever seen blonde or light brown hair. At the park by the river and at Walmart today, many would either come up to them and touch their hair or just try to talk to them. Surprisingly, it has been easy to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.

Lilly has had fever today and we have given her some medicine and it has helped. We pray the medicine continues to work. Other than that, she is adjusting very well.

Shelby and Katie are swimming in the hotel indoor pool as I type this and Lilly is taking a nap. Everyone is doing fine, but we are just killing time until Saturday.(touring in the mornings and our guides are great) That is when we will get Lilly's Chinese passport. It takes five days to process it. Then we head to get the US passport paper work started on Sunday. That is it for now.
David, Jan, Shelby,Katie,&Lilly


Sharon said...

Jan and David,
Isn't WalMart 'interesting'? ;) Glad to see that Lilly has her priorities straight and is already a Gamecock fan!
We'll be praying that her fever will subside quickly.

Hugs, Sharon

Kendall Salley said...

Oh Mr. David, why would you go ahead a corrupt that poor child like that, Haha. She is adorable. I cannot wait to meet her. I miss y'all and cannot wait for you to come home. All the pictures wonderful, i have enjoyed looking at them. Girls, i miss you. I love you all. You are still in our prayers. Love you.

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Aww cute!! Love that little smile:)

Rebecca and Danny said...

Will be praying for Lilly and the fever to go away. We love you,

Crystal Moore said...


My name is Crystal and I am the proud new Aunt of Lainie. I am so grateful that you all are on this trip together. I have been keeping up with your journey also and I wanted you to know that we are praying for you too. Especially that Lilly will be completely well soon. What a special time. We hope to meet Lilly someday also!

Crystal Moore

Cousin Sheri said...

Hi Ya'll! I am checking your posts daily and I cannot wait to see Lilly in person! Jan, are you getting any sleep? Aunt Lulu and I are praying that Lilly's fever is just a by-product of the change in her life. We also pray for you guys every night. God is so faithful and good!
Girls, I am glad to hear you are good travelers. I hope you are prepared to tell me all about it. David, where is the Clemson hat? Just kidding!

Carmi said...

Hi Bryant family, I wanted to leave you a comment and let you know I am praying for Lilly that her fever will quickly go away and she will be fine. She is a beautiful little girl.

Have a blessed day,
Carmi Henderson

Crystal Moore said...

I just wanted you to know and I hope it is okay that I have ask our church to email a special prayer request for Lilly, that she will be well soon. Jennifer put her update on her site, so we will pray for her while she is at the doctors and that she will be well in time to get her visa and come home. I am praying for your strength to be overflowing for your family!

Love, Crystal "Lainie"s Aunt"