Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Packing up

We finally let the girls visit the hospital last night. It was good to be together as a family if for only 1 hour. We ate Mcdonald's. Lilly already loves french fries!

This is Nikki one of our guides here! She has been so wonderful and kind. She is such a sweet, caring person and has done so much for us during our stay here! We thank God for her!

My one shopping excursion since Lilly was taken to the hospital one week ago. David stayed at the hospital so I could see a few sights and spend time with Shelby and Katie. TJ is the newly adopted brother of Lauren. He is doing well! Our girls have enjoyed hanging out with them!

Everything is in order for us to leave in the AM. We leave the hotel at 5:30 AM. David and Lilly check out of the hospital at 4:00 AM. The doctors have agreed to send us with an assortment of medications and an inhaler for Lilly. We hope and pray she will do ok on the long trip. David and I are exhausted and we still have the 14 hour plane ride to go. When we land we will go to Richland Memorial Hospital. I have the cardiologist's name who will be on call for Dr. Shuler and we will call him when we arrive.
Lilly is doing about the same. She plays, smiles, and laughs alot. She eats and drinks very well. Her breathing is still noisy though and her respirations are still abnormally high. She is not running fever. We are anxious to get some accurate information. Dr. Shuler relayed to Dr. Mac that this is not unexpected with VSD and that Lilly's VSD has obviously not been managed at all by the orphanage. We will hopefully have some answers soon.
Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to seeing all of you when we get home.
Jan for all the Bryants


Rebecca and Danny said...

We are praying for the flight home and all the children and parents on the flight. I know it will be a long long flight. We are praying for Lilly to do well and not need any of the medications, but we are thankful you will have things you need with you just in case. Can't wait to see you!!
Rebecca and Danny

Crystal Moore said...

We are so glad that your family is on your way home! God Bless You for what you have done. I know you are exhausted, so stay in God's word and that will give you strength beyond measure. We will continue to pray for Lilly and your family, so we will keep coming to your site to hear all the good news!

Love, Crystal

Regina said...

I had no idea you all were facing so much. My friend who adopted a baby from China alerted me yesterday to your ordeal. She pointed me in the direction of your blog, and we have added you to our prayer list. If you need anything...me to bring something to you in the hospital, watch the kids, go to the store, please let me know. We are praying for your safe travel and a speedy recovery for Lilly. Love, Regina, Richard, Tommy, and Scott

Stone Family said...

Jan, we're praying hard that y'all have a safe and uneventful trip home. Lilly is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that she is now surrounded by such a loving family (and that her medical care will be much better now) will do wonders for her health.

Melissa & family

Sharon said...

PRAISE GOD!!! According to flightview.com you just landed in Chicago at 3:39pm!
Welcome home to the newest US Citizens Lilly and Lainie!!! :)