Monday, May 14, 2007

Bath Time!!

Bath Time,New friends at the airport yesterday, and leaving Beijing yesterday.
She slept well from 9:30 until 5:30am. She is definately tiny. Nine month pants don't fit. Today we will head out to begin paperwork at 8:30 and should have the afternoon for free time.
The Bryants


Rebecca and Danny said...

Fun times!! Thankful she slept well! Enjoy the day!!
love, Rebecca

Kim Smith said...

Hey Jan, I'm so glad that Lilly's first night went smoothe. I know that Shelby and Katie are enjoying her! I'm keeping you all in my prayers. Love, Kim Smith

Sharon said...

Tiny is right! She is so sweet! Glad to hear that she slept well.

Can you believe she is all yours???

Katie and Shelby, you look like wonderful jie jies! She is going to love playing with you!

God is so good! :)


The Chuinard Hepner's said...

David and Jan,

Congratulations!!! Lilly is SO beautiful!!!

Lilly, Lainie, and our daughter MeiLi were all playing together in Chenzhou!

Safe travels!!!

Lisa Hepner