Friday, May 18, 2007

Lilly's in the hospital.

Lilly's new hospital room and Lilly sleeping a few hours ago at the hospital.
Jan and I decided it was best to put Lilly in the Hospital and so far we are encouraged by the knowledge and professionalism of this staff. This hospital is only two years old, so it looks like a CLEAN american hospital. No matter where you go for medical treatment over here though, you better be assertive and kind of tell them what to do or it does not..will not get done. We have already had a couple of diagnosis' given on Lilly about her heart without any X-rays or previous medical records. Jan and I couldn't believe it. We told them to treat the Pneumonia and fever only! Wednesday and Thursday when she received her first two IV's from the local children's hospital it was absolutely scary from a health and cleanliness standpoint. It was also sad to see all the sick children in there. They were everywhere. We have so much to be thankful for in America! Shelby and Katie are getting to do all the touring with our friends the Barbees, who we thank God for, and Jan, Lilly, and myself are touring the hospitals. Our next post will we be from Gaunzhou unless Jan can get on here in 24 hours. She is staying at the hospital tonight with Lilly and we will trade off tomorrow night. We fly to Gaunzhou in 36 hours to finish up paperwork. Pray for Lilly to get well or ......I might be staying a few extra days with Lilly in China! She was offically a Bryant on Monday, but we had the official adoption paper from the Chinese Government given to us tonight.
Lilly's Family