Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post Op Day 3

1st time sitting up mostly on her own

Feeling much better after a bath!

Erica was a great nurse/beautician!  Getting a shampoo - hospital style!

Looks like our Leiney Grace is back

 Today started out looking great but then after a few bites of breakfast, the sick look returned.  It became apparent after lunch that Leiney Grace's stomach is just not ready for food.  We are back to only clear liquids and hoping and praying tomorrow will be the day her tummy decides it wants to digest food. 

On a positive note, the line in her jugular vein was removed today as well as the foley catheter.  We thought we were moving to a room but there is no available bed.  Thus Leiney Grace will spend another night in the PCICU, and I will be back at the Ronald McDonald House. 

Tomorrow we hope that at least 2 of the 3 chest tubes will come out.  We should be treated like a floor patient even though she is still in the ICU ie she can go to the playroom!  We are hoping that by getting her up more, she will be more inclined to take some deeper breaths as her oxygen sats have been a little lower today.  Brenley is about the same.  Thank you for praying for her and our Leiney Grace. 

Suzanne, please email  I would love to chat with you!  Jan   : )


Ashley said...

Continuing to pray for Leiney Grace.

Jenn said...

Great news. The playroom finally :)We spent many an hour in that fabulous room. Don't forget to check out some "Take it back to your room" activity bags for her. Is she on a fat free diet?? Continuing to pray for yal. Hang in there you guys will be home before you know it!

PS The kids are doing great at school. Lilly was so excited to tell us that yal skyped last night :) If yal aren't home by next weekend maybe we'll see about Lilly spending the night with us on Fri. Abby would love to have her over again!!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Great to see these pictures and the update! Love and prayers, Rebecca