Monday, March 19, 2012

1:30 update and complication

We received an update at 1:30 that Leiney Grace would be moved to the PCICU in 15 to 20 minutes.  We were waiting on Dr. Bradley to come speak to us after he went with Leiney Grace to the unit.  At 2PM we still had not heard anything and shortky after, Dr. Bradley's nurse practitioner and physician's Asst. walked in - I knew that wasn't good.  They explained that it would be a while before Leiney Grace was in the unit as Dr. Bradley saw some blood in her chest tube.  He decided to open Leiney Grace back up and proceed to find the source of the bleeding.  UGH!  The thought of that makes me so sad.  But, Cathy and Jennifer siad, better to do this now that take her to the unit, watch the drainage tube, and then take her back to surgery later today.  We expect the next update at 3.  I was holding it all together til this "little bump in the road". Beeper going off now.


Jen Barbee said...

Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about this little bump. Praying you get a good update soon!!!!

Sharon said...

Continuing to pray for our sweet little friend! E&L are home safe and sound. Lulu updated me when I dropped them off.

Call me if any of you need anything.


Jenn said...

Praying for LG and for yal. God's mighty healing hand is working miracles today :)