Monday, March 19, 2012

1st surgery update

All has gone well this AM.  Leiney Grace  was all smiles this morning at 4 AM and very much at ease.  Even at the hospital, she was still smiling and very comfortable with all the new masked faces who came in to exam her and talk to us (they are using precautions due to her positive PPD test which I didn't realize til this AM - nothing was mentioned Friday at pre-op.  As one doctor stated, we will do as they tell us to now to get her to surgery on time and ask if this is really necessary later.)  She had a dose of purple "juice" aka versed and within 5 minutes she was very woozy.  Her anesthesia team was great and waited outside her room until she was beyond the pointing of caring if they took her from us. 
The 1st update came in at 9 AM.  Stated that they started on time-7:30- and that "Little Leiney Grace was very stable."  We will receive hourly updates til surgery is over.  Thank you for your prayers and concern for our sweet Leiney Grace as well as the rest of our family.

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