Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching-Up Post 3/Lilly's birthday

In October we made a trip to see the Barbees, the Horners, and the Sylvias.  I evidently did not take any pictures at the park with the Horners and Sylvias - uhg!  On Sunday, we worshipped with the Barbees and then went to Mamaw's (Mrs. Barbee) house for lunch with the extended Barbee family.  This is their Sunday tradition - lunch after church at Mamaw's house.  Even Mamaw's sister comes for lunch, and she made Lilly this delicious birthday cake.  It was so thoughtful of them to remember Lilly's birthday and to celebrate it with us.  Thank you, Barbee Family! 

This is Toby.  I decided I wanted a kitten after my birthday.  Lilly also kept saying she wanted a kitten.  It worked out that we found an adorable kitten right around Lilly's birthday.  little Toby is adorable but he is into everything!  Lilly and Ellie adore the little guy!

Lilly had a great 6th birthday.  Oh, I just can't believe she is 6 now.  Seems just like yesterday we were holding her for the first time in Changsha, Hunan.  She loves her new big girl bike.  Ellie's birthday comes first but our old computer is on its last leg which is where Ellie's birthday pictures are.  Hope to get that worked out soon!

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