Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catch-Up Post #2/ Leiney Grace's Story

When introducing Leiney Grace, I did not share much about her story or how the Lord led us to her.  After coming home with Hudson, I just knew our family was complete.  David certainly "knew" it too!  I was NOT looking at waiting child lists.  I wasNOT receiving emails from agencies.  I was NOT planning to adopt another child.  David was definitely NOT planning on adopting again.  Then back in March, I very innocently went to my dear friend, Jen Barbee's blog, ( to check on HER family.  Well, that changed everything!  She had a post on her blog which she had copied from another blog.  "Uncomfortable".  (I tried to post the link - didn't work. go to 3/24/2011 on Jenn's blog) I read it and cried.   That was what the Lord used to show me the way back to China; the way to our new daughter.  David wasn't convinced quite as quickly as I was.  I was thinking with my heart while he was thinking dollars and cents!  I agreed with him that it did not make sense, by the world's standards for us to adopt.  However, I knew it made perfect sense to God.  We had seen him provide again and again for us, and I knew He would again. God is faithful! 

Time went on.  We prayed.  I prayed for God to change David's heart or take the desire from my heart.  David prayed for God to take the desire away from my heart : )  Then I got a job!  Yes, I did.  I have kept my nursing license active through continuing education courses.  I spoke with a friend who shared with me that her facility was looking for more prn nurses.  I applied, interviewed, took the job.  I think David was a bit shocked!  I, of course, talked with him about it each step of the way,and he gave his approval.  Why did I get a job?  To help pay for our next adoption!

I then began to look at many waiting child lists and signed up for agency emails.  I knew we had another child in China, but I didn't know who or where she or he was.  David tolerated my "looking", and he looked and prayed with me when I would show him a file of a waiting child. We both are "toddlered" out and have been amazed at the older children we have watch come home to friends.  We thought an older child may be who we were being led to.  I felt led to a child with CP, he ultimately said "No."  I thought maybe an older boy, but again David said "No."  We thought Hudson would have been a heart baby, but he wasn't so I thought maybe our next child would have a heart defect. (We have such a strong  affection for heart babies after witnessing the miracle of Lilly after her heart surgery.)  I looked and prayed.  David did not say "No."  Then I saw Lei Qing Quan or "Leah" as BAAS called her on their agency specific list. She was an older girl, already 8 years, with a heart defect.  Maybe?  David and I looked at her report and prayed.  Her file was a year old, and David said he had to see updated information before he could say "Yes".  We requested an update on June 28, and then we waited and prayed.  I was ready to move forward after waiting a week, but David and Xiaoqing, BAAS's SN coordinator, said we needed to see an update to ensure her health and development was ok.  On July 11, we received a wonderful update, and we accepted her referral the next day.

Lei Qing Quan was a toddler when she first entered the orphanage in Leiyang, Hunan.  The staff knew quickly that she had a heart defect as she would turn blue with any physical activity.  Through testing, she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot.  This is a congenital heart condition characterized by 4 defects.  In the US, this condition is repaired within the first few months of life.  Sadly, Qingquan has suffered and endured 8 and 1/2 years without any surgical treatment.  She still becomes cyanotic with even a brisk walk.  She needs surgery.  It is her only hope for a healthy life.   

We are now being expedited and hope to travel in late January or early February.  Chinese New Year is January 23 and the entire country of China shuts down for a week.  That holiday will certainly delay us.  My aunt has decided to travel with me, and I am so happy and thankful for this.  She is also a nurse so between the 2 of us, Leiney Grace should be in good hands until we can get her home and in with our cardiologist.

Please continue to pray for our fundraising, our adoption process to move quickly, and most importantly for Leiney Grace's health and emotional readiness to join her family. 


The Rose Family said...

I remember when you guys were looking at Leiney for the fist time. Shelby was staying with us and kept texting back and forth with you, remember? LOL I am so touched by your story. Mr. David's initial reaction sounds a lot like my dad's in general. :) If God will grant a bigger house first, it is on our hearts to adopt. Please pray for us. We are praying for you all and most especially for Leiney. LEt us know how we can help. :)
Love, -Emily

Sharon said...

So glad your aunt will be traveling with you! I know that is a relief!

Hurry up TAs!! :)


Jennifer O'Cain said...

Love this story, thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to see her home!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Thankful for this update!! Glad your aunt will go with you!!