Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catching Up: Post 1/ Horse Show

I am so far behind in posting so my goal is to do a post -a-day (or maybe one every other day is more realistic) between now and  New Year's Eve.  I keep this blog as a family journal so it is important to me to put our important family happenings on the blog!  Sadly, I have missed quite a few.  Thus begins my blog-catch-up before the end of 2011!

Shelby and Katie love horses, and therefore; they love to compete in horse shows.  I am not all that keen on the idea due to the expense - both our time and money.  Also I don't really think it is necessary to wear a hair net and gloves in order to be a good rider.  Yes, those are just 2 of the many requirements of the riders.  But my girls LOVE it so we allow them to do 1 show in the fall and 1 in the spring!  Here are some pictures of their fall show. . .

Like I said, horse shows cost a lot of money and TIME.  As you can probably sense by these photos, some of the spectators were a bit tired of looking at horses and having to be on their best behavior so as not to spook the horses!

Overall it was a great day - Shelby and Katie did really well and despite the sour faces above, we all had fun being together and supporting Shelby and Katie in doing something they truly love. 

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Emily E. Rose said...

Awh! Girls, y'all were in my prayers! I see all went well. (Is this the November show...??) Hudson, you look sooooo cute. I miss you all a lot. Merry Christmas, my friends! -Em