Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hudson's Care Package

Hudson's care package has been put together and will leave on a jet plane on Thursday with our good friends, the Barbees. They are heading to China to adopt their new daughter Mia and agreed to pack Hudson's package in a suitcase. I promised it would be small- small is relative, right? The truck was a little bigger than I wanted, but being that Hudson is only turning 2, I was limited. Most cars and trucks are for ages 3 and up. (Sorry, Jenn - the ball does squish smaller!) I can just imagine him putting some rocks or sticks in his little dump truck and pushing it along. Oh, how I wish I could really see that now. The ball, truck, and bear are for Hudson. The cameras are being sent in hopes that his foster mom or orphanage staff will take some pictures of our little guy. Last but not least, the hard candy is a small token of our appreciation to the orphanage staff and foster parents for taking care of Hudson until we can get there. The album contains pictures of us- his new family- and his new home and room. Hopefully, someone will show him the pictures and tell him who we are.

Jenn and Bobby leave Thursday and will meet Mia on Sunday. Follow along on their journey at Our package will go with them to Guangzhou where it will be given or mailed to Ann at Red Thread who will then forward it to Hudson's orphanage, Baotou Social Welfare Institute in Inner Mongolia.

This cute little fellow has been my sleeping buddy for the last week or two. When we were preparing to adopt Lilly, I read that sleeping with an object can help your scent transfer to that object. The thought here being that the child would smell your scent on the object, recognize it when they meet you, and this would perhaps make the transition a little easier. So I slept with a stuffed duck and purple blanket for Lilly, a yellow blanket for Ellie, and now a stuffed bear for Hudson. Who knows if it works, but it does bring a little comfort to this mom's heart knowing that this little bear that I snuggled with for weeks will soon be in Hudson's little hands.


Sharon said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could just pick up Hudson for you while they are there? :)

Looking forward to following the Barbee Bunch!

I think you made great choices for Hudson's package.


Cousin Sheri said...

Love the doggie! And I love boys-tell Fulton I want to see the lizard trick next visit but to please not try it w/snakes!
See ya on 1/30'

Love ya

Rebecca Sibley said...

What a blessing to read!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That's wonderful that they are taking the care package! We have friends that are going to get their daughter the end of February. Luke's birthday is 2/25, so she offered to do the same for us too! May I ask where you got the truck? I have the same problem and it's perfect. Is it plastic or metal?

I think your care package is perfect! Hope you get that LID soon!

Have a great day!