Friday, January 8, 2010

Dossier To China!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Today we are DTC!

One reason we are able to be DTC so quickly after receiving our I-797C approval on Monday, Jan. 4, is due to the excellent service of a courier in D.C. Carol Fredericks was recommended to us by Christian World Adoption (CWA) back in 2006 when we were paperchasing for Lilly. This is the 3rd time Carol has helped us, and I highly recommend her to all of my blog readers (what is it these days, 10? ha ha!) She is the mother of 2 little girls from China herself and knows how important these documents are. She charges $130 to have your dossier authenticated at the US State Dept. and the Chinese Embassy. The great thing about Carol is that she lets you send the immigration approval at a later date than the rest of the dossier but does not charge you an additional fee. So in our case, we paid her $130 online. . . she had all of our documents authenticated. . . then we sent all of our dossier except for the I-797C to our agency. Then when we finally received that coveted approval letter, we drove it to our Secretary of State, overnighted it to Carol who then took it in to be authenticated that same day (paid for expedited service at State Dept. and Embassy for just this one document) and then Carol overnighted it to our agency . . .all that was done from Mon. to Wed. (Our agency only mails dossiers on Fridays) There was NO additional charge for Carol's second trip to the State Dept. and the Embassy on our behalf. To me that equals Superb Service. Maybe other couriers do this as well, but I can only speak for Carol. And I speak very highly of her services. She also can help with your visas. Here is her site:

So thankful to have ALL of the paperchasing done! We are praying for a speedy LOA. With Ellie, we waited well over 100 days for our LOA so this time we hope and pray to be on the speedy track for LOA.


trina said...

Wow, that was super duper fast!! Yipeeee!!!!!

Pam said...

I remember well your LONG LOA wait for Ellie!

Congratulations on DTC!

And I'm so glad for the reference for the courier. We may give her a try this time.


Jennifer O'Cain said...

Man that was fast. We too used Carol while paperchasing and she is great!

Praying for a fast LOA. We waited a very long time too so I know that feeling.

Jennifer O

Machell said...

Hey Jan,

I'm so glad you have all the paperwork behind you. We used Carol with Nate. She does great work.


Jennifer Barbee said...

Hooray for DTC! We'll be praying for a record quick LOA. And you have at least 6 blog readers in our house alone!

Elaine said...

Just checking your blog today and saw the GREAT news!! Congratulations. We're praying for a speedy LOA.

Sharon said...

Wooooo Hoooooooo!!!! So excited for you, Jan!!! Now, come on LOA!!!

Cousin Sheri said...

Praise the Lord! Had been thinking of calling you this wknd but afraid to ask if any news. Hurray!

Love ya

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Congratulations, Jan! Hope you hear you're LID soon!

We should be DTC next week!

I look forward to talking to you more!

I read several of your posts to get caught up on you!

Your Hudson is precious as is your entire family!

Have a great weekend!