Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boys - what fun!

I have always been dreadfully scared of lizards. I did not grow up with brothers so this is a little strange for me. I heard Katie screaming outside. You guessed it . . . she has her mother's fear of lizards. Little brother Fulton heads out to the porch to rescue Katie from the "lizard chasing me". Then he asks Katie to get the camera as he deliberately places this creature on his ear lobe. Katie was happy to oblige since he had just saved her!

Fulton's "mailbox": It was his ingenious idea to create a mailbox with a stick. Normally I say no to sticks in the house, but what mom could say no to this creativity!

Ethan's "mailbox": I told him as he was making it that he needed a box. He said "No, you don't." I guess we know who was right!
Can't wait to have another little boy around the house to entertain us girls and more importantly to kill the bugs and save us from the lizards who chase us! No word on our LID (log in date). Hopefully, our dossier has been logged in and we just haven't heard of the date yet. Ready to begin the countdown to LOA so we can be one step closer to our little Hudson!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my! It's been awhile since Colt was little and doing all that boy stuff. I'm sure it's all going to come back to me quickly because every update I've gotten of Luke says he is an outdoor boy...loves the mud and playing outside...it's what soothes him! And I'm like you...no snakes and no lizards! There is a post on my blog about one on my shoulder IN MY HOUSE! It's a miracle I didn't have a heart attack! lol!

Have a great day!

Rebecca Sibley said...

Boys will be boys! Fun times!

Jennifer Barbee said...

So cute - can't wait to see how Hudson fits in with the Bryant boys. How fun our next reunion is going to be!!!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Any word on that LID yet???? :)


Sharon said...

Fulton...defender of sisters! Great job!

Love Ethan's mailbox!

C'mon LID!

Call me if I can do anything! :)