Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fundraising In February - Will You Join Us?

Help Bring Hudson Home and Bring Hope To Orphans! Baotou Social Welfare Institute - Inner Mongolia, China
We are planning a fundraiser for the month of February - the "love" month in our society and Hudson's birthday month. We are preparing to kick-off a campaign called "Show Crazy Love to Orphans". We were inspired to do this after reading the book Crazy Love by Frances Chan (you must read it if you haven't - excellent!) and after reading the blog of an 11 year old girl in Tenn. who raised over $26,000 in 9 days for orphans in Europe w/ Down's Syndrome. Our hope and prayer is to have 24 people/families join us in raising $200 each during the 28 days of Feb. If it is successful, we will have the $5,000 orphanage donation for Hudson's adoption. This donation is required by China. The money will go to Hudson's orphanage, Baotou Social Welfare Institute in Inner Mongolia, and we trust that it will be used to care for the other orphans who linger there waiting to be adopted. In addition to raising some much needed funds for our adoption, we also hope that our efforts will help to raise the awareness of the plight of orphans around the world. We have a flier ready which I can e-mail to anyone who would like to join our efforts. This could be used to decorate a "donation" can, to pass out in Sunday School, or go door to door, etc. Please prayerfully consider whether you might be willing to help us spread the word about the need of orphans in China and raise some much needed funds for Hudson's adoption. If you are not able to commit to helping us raise money, please join us in praying for God to bless our efforts!

We are 4 days from the kick-off and currently have 10 people who have committed to helping us. I know many readers of this blog are in the midst of adoption themselves and are also searching for ways to fund their own adoptions. However, there may be a few readers out there who are not adopting, and maybe you would be willing to raise money for our required donation to Hudson's orphanage and at the same time raise awareness for orphans. God commands each of us through His word to care for the orphan. Maybe He has not called you to adopt, but maybe He will lay it on your heart to help ease the financial burden on those He does call to adopt - like us, a family simply trying to provide a loving home to one more of the 147 million orphans in the world.

If you do not feel led to join the February Fundraiser by raising money, would you please consider making a one-time donation? You can click on the "Chip-in" button on the side bar. No donation is too small - or too great!


Jennifer O'Cain said...

I would love to be one of the 24 helping to raise $200. That is such a great idea and I feel certain I can get that easily.

I will start right away...

strandfam said...

I just saw your post on the inner mongolia yahoo group. I wanted to say hello. We are waiting for our little girl who is also at the Baotou SWI. She turned 2 in July. We are currently waiting for our
I-800a approval. Our little ones may be friends!:)
This will be our third adoption from China and our 5th child. We also have a Hudson, he has been home for just over a year.Congratulations on your precious little boy! He is adorable! Blessings Sarah

Courtney said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about, a free fundraising site for AP's that you might be interested in using as an additional fundraising source. Many blessings to you on adoption journey!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, This is great that you have adopted from SWI. Your Children are beautiful. It has always been a hope of our to adopt from China and it has become a reality as of Dec 20, 2010. We are searching for ways to fundraise and are currently doing our "Virtual Yard Sell" to bring Zi home. If you have any ideas or encouraging words that would help or we should know we would appreciate any words of wisdom. Jessica & Todd (Atlanta, GA)