Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Honor of Cailey

"Almost Forgotten"

Found at 2 years
Left by a gate - alone and afraid.
Almost forgotten.

 Orphanage life - 4 years too long
Spina Bifida, deformed feet yet trying to walk.
Almost forgotten.

A glimmer of hope
Pictures taken, a file ready, a family - maybe?
Almost forgotten.                                                                               


Two more years come and go
Parents arrive and her friends go away.
Almost forgotten.


An update prepared, new pictures taken
But another year passes - no family for her .
Almost forgotten.

Now 9 years old and lost among many
Her hope is fading
Forgotten - maybe?

Please help spread the word about this little girl who has waited far too long for a family of her own.  Cailey waits on the shared list.  Please email me if you might be her family


Sharon said...

She is precious, Jan! I will be praying for Cailey and I will post about her too.

Kristin said...

She's just beautiful! Praying her family finds her soon!!

connie said...

Oh my heavens, my heart breaks for Cailey! She reminds me of my Kasidi Joy, and I can't bear to think of her without a family!