Monday, September 10, 2012

And We're Off. . .

To School That Is!
Life might be a little simpler if all 8 kiddos were under 1 school roof.  Homeschool roof or traditional school roof.  No such luck. 
#1 Chinese Immersion Charter School
Ellie - an excited 5Ker!

Lilly - an eager 1st grader!

Leiney Grace - a super excited 2nd grader.  This is her first time attending a traditional school.  In China, due to to her orphanage's rural location, she  went to school in the upstairs room at her orphanage.  We have homeschooled since February - for bonding and to catch-up academically.  It was such a joy to watch her pick out her backpack and lunch box- more firsts with my precious 9 year old little girl.
Ethan - minimally excited 3rd grader.  School is not his favorite activity, but he did admit to having a little bit of excitement on Day 1 (wish it would have lasted!).

Nihao, school!
#2  Christian School
Katie - social butterfly who flits around in 8th grade.  "What's not to love about school?  It's where all my friends are!"

Fulton - very eager 6th grader who could not wait to flee from prison homeschool.

Katie adequately warned Fulton to act like he didn't know her when they were at school.  I was appalled.  Growing up, I always wanted a sibling close in age to share school life with.  Obviously Katie does not desire that!  We always want what we don't have - sad but oh, so true.
#3 Homeschool

Shelby - content (being in prison  homeschooled) and very studious 10th grader.  Shelby does attend a wonderful bi-weekly co-op for English II, Algebra II, and Chemistry.  Unfortunately, it's an hour away thus the need for a 3rd carpool - sigh!

Hudson - mostly happy, occasionally reluctant preschooler.
So my days are filled with juggling 3 carpools, homeschooling Hudson, teaching Spanish I to Shelby and minimally assisting her with other subjects, and coping with chaos in the afternoon when 5 of the above mentioned children want help with homework! Is it May yet? 


Rebecca Sibley said...

Shoot, I am worn out just reading about each child's schooling!! Blessings for a great school year for all!! Love ya!

Kristin said...

Ok note to self- before complaining about the chaos and busyness of life read this post again! They all look so content though!